21 Nov

Wine Time

[Alternative title: "I can't think of anything else to blog about today due to brain inertia" or "When in doubt, blog about alcohol"]

In a past life, James and I were really into wine. We went on wine tasting classes together and said things like, “Mmm…I’m getting hints of turpentine and dirty nappy.”

Now, I get plenty of hints of dirty nappy, but without the grape juice. Many years of trying for and subsequently having a baby have pretty much erased my knowledge of wine.

As the end of my breastfeeding days approach (more on that later), I’m looking forward to indulging a little more in my old hobby – just enjoying the tastes and nuances of wine. Perhaps I should go watch Sideways to kick start my passion again.

With that in mind, James recently joined The Wine Society. It’s a word-of-mouth club that doesn’t advertise for new members (is it weird that a good business model really turns me on?). When you join, you get a share certificate, as it’s wholly owned by its members. I also love that our membership pack was a beautiful red box with gold foiled writing and lots of beautifully printed brochures inside. I have no idea what they said, but they sure looked nice.

We’ve already ordered the “Bestsellers” case to be enjoyed with our guests at Thanksgiving. I may even go a bit geeky and print out the tasting notes for everybody.

If you’re into wine, then I’d also like to introduce you to my friend’s new wine blog, The Bald Viveur. There are great recommendations on there.

Happy drinking!


  1. 21 Nov

    Ria Mishaal

    Welcome to the wine society! I have been a member for a very long time – did you know your membership is passed on to your children? perfect really ;)

  2. 21 Nov

    Julia from ICAWatermelon

    You see! I knew there was a link to babies in there somewhere ;o) Thanks, Ria. Jx

  3. 21 Nov

    Alexander Residence

    My husband bought me a subscription as a present, unfortunately I was pregnant a month later (not wine related) and then breastfeeding, short wine interlude, pregnant, breastfeeding, then forgot all about my subscription. Thanks for the reminder, must dig it out!

  4. 21 Nov

    Julia from ICAWatermelon

    Glad to be of service!

  5. 22 Nov


    It’s a fabulous service, my family are members and my parents bought my husband a membership for christmas one year. My brother also works for them. If you ever get the chance you should venture to their showroom in hertfordshire, it’s like a wine wonderland!
    Lucy x (urgently awaiting arrival of baby number one so I can sample the Christmas recommendations!)

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