Camera competition
07 Oct

Win a Diana F+ Camera

Oooh! My first competition. I am beside myself with anticipation and excitement.

Today, I have a lovely prize for you, courtesy of the fabulous people at Hotpoint. It’s a Diane F+ camera!

The Diana F+ film camera is perfect for the photographer who just wants to take pictures, without giving a thought to…well, anything, really. With the Diana F+, you just point, shoot, and get what you’re given. It will most likely be ethereal, blurry, and dreamy, yet highly original and, of course, lots of fun.

To enter my competition, all you have to do is reply to this thread in the comments section, stating your favourite baby toy and why. I know; it’s completely random as entries go, but I’m currently on the lookout for great toys and thought this would be a good way to get recommendations.

All entrants must be UK residents. A winner will be randomly selected from all entries on October 11, 2011, which is also the last day that people can upload their images to the Hotpoint Family Portraits competition website. There are no cash alternatives and the judge’s decision is final.

If you haven’t entered the Hotpoint competition yet, there is still time. The prize, a shoot with Steve McCurry in New York City, would be an amazing experience, so what are you waiting for? I wish I could enter myself, but, alas, I am one of the UK judges. I’m really looking forward to helping select the families that will be going through to the final round of judging on behalf of the UK. God bless the Queen and all that.


  1. 07 Oct


    Julia, Ok, so I am not a UK resident and I don’t really want to enter the competition, but hands down, across the board Taggies are the best baby toy. I have NO idea why kids love tags, but they do. My oldest used to carry around onesies and chew on the tags before taggies came out. I just needed to share that because after four kids I haven’t learned much about parenting– in fact I wing it 99.9% of the time, but taggies are one thing I am sure of!

  2. 07 Oct


    Ours has to be the Fisher Price Jumperoo, made those 12 weeks plus days a doddle and my little lady loved it.x

  3. 07 Oct


    Sophie (or Geoffrey as my Mum bizarrely calls it after the toys r us one) the giraffe. Teething aid originally I think but Edie LOVES and I mean loves to eat, squeak and generally beat the s**t out of all the time. And, for pure comedy value on my part makes my change bag squeak when she’s in it and drives the dog nuts – what more could you want from a toy! ;)

  4. 07 Oct


    Wooden blocks! Me and my brother had so much fun with them! Great for babies and older kids:)

  5. 08 Oct

    Jenny AKA Mrs O


    William LOVES THEM! He has drooled and chewed them since he was 9 weeks old, and at almost 7 months he still drools and chews them. They clip onto anything too so are the perfect ‘toy on the go’ toy.

    Oooh imagine the photo’s of William I could take on a Diana F+ camera….

  6. 08 Oct


    the exersaucer is the best once they can hold their heads steady and don’t need support they will have hours of fun playing with all the gadgets on it and you will be able to put the baby down next to you, she will be safe, and you can get things done. it is the best!

  7. 08 Oct

    Sarah Brown

    The funkiest looking baby toy I have found, plus with the added bonus of teething rings, check out the companion to strawberry kitty; blueberry monkey, I love them. I’ve been following your blog for a while now since I had a miscarriage earlier this year, I’ve just found out I am pregnant again and can’t wait to start buying things for baby, everything you’ve recommended is bookmarked ready for nearer the time. I also know my new nephew will be getting blueberry monkey from santa!

  8. 08 Oct

    D Arno

    I just love this high tea cake stand, it is a learning toy, and super cute.

  9. 08 Oct


    I’m a big fan of developmental learning toys like shape sorters and stacking rings, but that may be because I find it fascinating watching those cute little brains work out the puzzles!

  10. 08 Oct


    Anything by Lamaze is awesome but specifically Freddie the Firefly. Boy we got a lot of miles out of him and he was only around £10 I think. xx

  11. 09 Oct


    I am a wee bit biased but I love the kiwi buzzy bee! Lots of fun with a great noise, good for 1+ year olds

  12. 11 Oct

    Karl Randay

    I’m really fond of the take a long Baby Einstein, as in a pinch it really chills George out, especially as we’re trying to squeeze out the time between feeds.

  13. 11 Oct

    Julia from ICAWatermelon

    Congratulations to D Arno who is the winner of the prize! I’ve sent you an email. Jx

  14. 13 Oct

    Emma S.

    I don’t have a baby yet, so I don’t really have a favourite toy, but when I do have one (which hopefully won’t be too long away!) I can’t wait until they’re old enough to play with this wooden toy kitchen! I love it, I’d quite like it for myself haha

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