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17 May

What to pack in a hospital bag

Last night, James finally frog marched me into the guest bedroom to pack my hospital bag, as he has convinced himself that he’ll have a daughter by Wednesday.

Thankfully, I had almost everything ready to go in, including a stack of super sexy webbed underwear for after the birth. I was following a couple of lists to figure out what we’d need and I’ve also received some good advice from various people on Twitter, like using large zippable, labeled freezer bags to divide everything between stuff for me and stuff for baby.

Here is the complete list of what is now living in my hospital bag. If you have anything else I should put in, please leave a comment. Thank you!

For me
- Birth plan and birth notes from hospital
- Birthing robe (this one from Womama is nice. Can buy at Eloise Mama)
- Flip flops for the shower and to walk around the hospital
- 3 x comfortable pyjama-type dresses (estimate 2 per day)
- Toiletry bag, including fragrance-free shampoo and soap, moisturisers, cleansers, toothpaste, toothbrush, lip moisturiser, contact lenses
- Wet wipes
- Disinfectant wipes for bathroom
- Towels that I don’t mind disposing of afterwards
- Bikini top in case I want it for birthing pool
- Arnica tablets to help reduce inner bruising after birth
- Disposable J-Cloth pants (aka the webbed underwear) and maternity pads (2 boxes of 10)
- 3 x extra pillows
- Going home outfit
- Nursing bras (went for my fitting last week at Eloise. Bought 3)
- Handheld fan
- 2 x washcloths
- Ear plugs and eye mask
- Massage oil (olive oil mixed with 15 drops each of lavender, clary sage, and geranium)
- Bottle of Clary Sage oil (aka “natural gas & air”. It’s good to smell while in labour, but NOT BEFORE as it can bring on contractions)
- Breast pads and Lanisoh nipple cream
- Nipple shields
- Tissues and toilet paper
- Camera

For Baby
- Stack of newborn nappies
- 1 x Weleda nappy balm
- 1 bag of large cotton wool pads
- 2 x muslins
- 1 x Tupperware container in case I need something to put water in for cleansing baby’s bum at nappy change time
- 2 x babygros
- 1 x blanket
- 1 x nightie
- Coocoi Swaddle cloth from Merino Kids
- 2 x hats
- 2 x booties
- Going home outfit (I put in two options for this)
- Baby nail scissors

Food and entertainment
- iPad loaded up with episodes of Mad Men
- iPod loaded up with music (mostly showtunes for me to sing along to for keeping my jaw loose, Golden Bowls, Gentle Birthing Labour CD and hypno birthing visualisations)
- iPod dock
- Laptop for writing about birth
- Energy bars from the nature shop. Lots of them.
- Rice Krispie bars because I just want them
- 2 x large bottles of Evian (frozen – apparently we want very cold water during labour and the water birthing room is also quite warm)
- Straws for sipping drinks
- Isotonic drinks for energy
- Fruit (not packed yet)
- Salami and champagne for after birth
- Baby book

For James
- Loose t-shirt to wear during birth
- Change of clothes
- Shorts
- Toiletries
- List of names to call after birth
- His camera and video camera (charged)

That’s it! Let me know if I’ve missed anything.



  1. 17 May

    Nicola Hall

    I have really enjoyed your pregancy blog Julia and well done for getting thru pregnancy!
    Read your list and one thing you forgot was vests for the baby… Not that they are really necessary but when I was in hospital a very stern midwife practically barked at me when realising baby had no vest under his babygro (I wouldn’t mind but it was about 40 degrees in the bloody hospital!)
    Also (and I sincerely hope you don’t go thru this) but just in case a C section is required – Big Knickers. The bigger and the snugglier the better!
    Wishing you the very best of luck
    Nicola x

  2. 17 May

    Alison Harper

    Wow!! You must have a REALLY big bag!!

  3. 18 May


    Wow! you are set for action!!If you have some put some more baby gros in as they often need a few changes per day thanks to various fluids! xx

  4. 20 May

    Sarah Johnson

    As a doula I find it’s a good idea to divide it all into TWO bags, one for everything you might need before baby is born and one for everything you might need after baby is born. It’s easier for the person who is riffling through the bags trying to find the spritzer, the massage oil, etc.
    Thought about a pair of swimming trunks for your partner? If they let him get in pool he can support you and help catch baby.

  5. 13 Jun

    New Baby Flowers

    Firstly.. I love your blog! After I have done this comment I am going to go straight to you tube to watch your video!
    Something for the hospital bag is a cooling spray it was a must for me and really helped keep me more comfortable as I went through labour in the summer and the hospital was so warm!

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