Ice cream 7
12 May

Vintage Boudoir maternity shoot: Day 3

Here it is: irrefutable proof that I have a sense of humour. I just hope you are all laughing with, not just near, me.

When I first tried on this outfit, I was like, “Oh my goodness. This is not flattering.” But it is fun. And if pin-up is about one thing, it’s fun. It’s also apropos because I’ve been loving the ice cream a little too much in the last few weeks, especially M&S Sticky Toffee Heaven, which I have a strong belief may contain crack cocaine because of its addictive nature.

And, finally, I had to include a our signature UK flag photo because I really do just love that flag.

So that’s it! These are all the results from our maternity shoot. Again, congratulations to Katy for doing such a great job. We both hope you’ve enjoyed looking at them. On Monday, I have my third and final maternity shoot, which will be completely different again from anything I’ve done yet. And, if you can believe it, my bump is even bigger now. Abdul seems to be putting on weight, perhaps due to mommy’s ice cream habit.

Thank you for all your comments about the Vintage Boudoir ™ maternity series. I’ve enjoyed reading them. In fact, I’d love to hear what your favourites from the series are. And I’m still undecided about what to wear to Graham Norton tonight…


  1. 12 May


    My favourite one is the one with you both with the Pram on yellow – without a doubt :) xx

  2. 12 May

    Karen Boughton

    These are totally fantastic! If you don’t mind upstaging Lady Gaga tonight then I’d definitely go for the Day 3 outfit – you look absolutely gorgeous.

  3. 12 May

    We adore weddings

    Wow Julia, you make pregnancy look so beautiful. Such a wonderful bump you have! Mine {fee} never looked that good. Wishing you well and we can’t wait to see baby XxX fee and Nico

  4. 12 May

    Kim Layzell

    You must have had such a giggle shooting these – you look great. Think I agree with Adele about my favourite image, although the ones above on the stool come close. Still the red dress for tonight.

  5. 12 May

    Matt Crew

    They’re great! I love the colour contrast of the one with the Union Jack flag – fantastic!

  6. 12 May


    These ice cream ones still make me smile…a lot. : ) I really loved doing this shoot with you and I can’t wait to see your final maternity shoot on Monday. Tonight can you take a few outfits? I’m thinking start with watermelon, change into red polka dot dress and finish with the ice cream outfit. Have fun. x

  7. 12 May


    These images are such a brilliant way to celebrate your pregnancy and I hope loads come to you for theirs to be done too. Such a fantastic time in your life and one that needs to be captured. You are glowing just like I was at the end of my pregnancies. I only have one pic of me 12 hrs before labour started so come on ladies get yours done too. Too late after you have given birth!

  8. 12 May

    faye yerbury

    Dear Julia.
    Wonderful fun…
    You have had such a fabulous pregnancy and still look so beautiful.
    It was important to a JB shoot with your own style and I hope everyone loves it.
    We hope the birth goes as easily as the shoots.
    Lots of love to you both.
    Faye and Trevor.

  9. 12 May

    Heather Waghorn

    Great to see you’ve still got loads of creative energy to have fun with these shoots – you look fab! Hx

  10. 13 May


    I want to see you wrapped up in a USA flag :)

    Your own personal vintage bump boudoir identity.


  11. 13 May

    Amy Georgina

    Oooh, my favourite is the Union Jack one, that’s just brilliant, they’re all great though, what fun!

  12. 14 May

    Michelle Fox-Reynolds

    wowww You look fantastic love the union jack flag pic you have a perfect bump. xx

  13. 16 May

    Jodie C

    What a stunner you are! Absolutely brilliant shots and you look beautiful.

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