Watermelon 1
10 May

Vintage Boudoir maternity shoot: Day 1

Welcome to the first instalment in my very own Vintage Boudoir ™ style maternity shoot!

Shooting these in the studio was just the cat’s pyjamas, as they used to say, and we laughed a lot (especially on the ice cream shots, which you’ll see on Thursday). James kept pointing at my belly because it sort of jiggles like Jell-o when I laugh hard.

Today, I have two looks to share with you. First is the pram shot. I can’t tell you how long it took us to track down an antique pram. We tried prop shops, Silver Cross, and all sorts of places. Katy eventually found one on eBay and it was just around the corner, too (these items are always “Pick up only” because they are HUGE). This particular pram has only had three owners since the 1960s and is in pretty good nick. James is actually really excited about pushing it around Wimbledon with Abdul in it. The shot of the both of us is going on the wall in the nursery.

The second is my Watermelon Shot. It had to be done! And, thankfully, watermelons had just come into season. I absolutely love this look and I’m considering wearing the dress when I go to see Lady Gaga on the Graham Norton Show on Thursday. Votes?


I want to give a special thanks to Katy Thomson, who is our lead photographer in Julia Boggio Studios and will be covering for me while I’m on leave. She did an awesome job with shooting these – and I’m not one of those Americans who throws the word “awesome” around lightly. Well done, Katy! Also, thank you to Georgina for the lovely outfits.

Tomorrow, it’s Officer and a Gentleman meets Popeye…



  1. 10 May

    Kim Layzell

    Great photos and you look like you had a lot of fun. Well done Katy.

    ps. I like the red dress for Thursday x

  2. 10 May


    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this shoot! You guys make things so much fun!

    Can’t wait to see the rest :)


  3. 10 May

    Kathryn Andrews

    Love this shoot Julia! the colours are great… Looks like you guys had fun! Oh, and you should definitely wear that dress to the Graham Norton show!

  4. 10 May

    Natasha Bailie

    You look fabulous! Great shots xx

  5. 10 May


    These are fabulous!!! So colourful & fun! That pram is vintage perfection & I love the watermelon shots with your gorgeous polka dot green dress x

  6. 10 May

    Ali Lovegrove

    Genius! Love these so much, especially that beautiful pram! You look like you had so much fun, well done Katy! So great to see another take on maternity shots, so creative and inspirational :-) xx

  7. 10 May


    Wow! You look amazing, what a yummy mummy you are!

    Fab shoot :o )

  8. 10 May

    Mrs Jon Keith Diamonds

    AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING i just love them!


  9. 10 May

    Gemma Schipani

    I love them! Beautiful work

  10. 10 May

    Katy Lunsford

    Love love LOVE them! Well done Katy for fabulous shots, and Julia you look incredible! My feet certainly wouldn’t have fit into such fabulous shoes at this stage of pregnancy!! All the best xxx

  11. 10 May


    love love love these! Great pram too! x

  12. 11 May

    kelly @ Boho

    Love these picturs, you both look fab! such fun! xx

  13. 12 May


    Wear the dress – Definately! They look awesome! And Well done Katy! x

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