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20 May

Update part 2

I just wanted to give you an update on the latest visit to the hospital. My blood pressure is basically the same (e.g. high), but they don’t think it is pre-eclampsia; rather, it’s just pregnancy-induced hypertension. I’m going back on Monday for another appointment and we’ll take a view from there.

The annoying thing is that this dummy managed to pull the ligaments across her pelvis this morning while getting into the shower. It was just a tiny sideways slip, but I instantly felt pain across my groin area. Now I’m walking like a snail in a lot of pain.

As a treat, James is going to take me to an afternoon showing of the new Pirates film. Let’s hope I can get there and back without doing myself any more harm. Yo ho ho!

In the meantime, please do keep your funny stories/films/etc coming. They are working their magic.


  1. 20 May

    Charlie M

    My two favourite clips on You Tube (old but still funny & I can’t ask for a tray without giggling!):
    1) Sneezing panda:
    2) Eddie Izzard in lego:

  2. 20 May


    Thought this would make you laugh:

  3. 20 May

    Marte L Rekaa

    Did you watch ‘Elling’? Have fun with James tonight :)

  4. 20 May


    Hi Julia – your blog has given me many laughs, and brings back memories of my first birth experience 7 years ago. I totally relate to the groin ligament pain thing- awful! You look beautiful as always, and I know you will make a wonderful mommy! Good luck the next few days :)

  5. 20 May

    Deborah Tracey

    Did you watch the film? I love this blog, I had my last child 7 years ago but it still feels like yesterday!

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