11 Jun

Go! Go! Go! Review

I first heard about the Go! Go! Go! Show when they contacted me on Twitter to point out that my last name almost rhymes with Go! Go! Go! They offered me some tickets for Baby to see their show last Thursday. Unfortunately mommy had to work, but that shouldn’t stop Baby from having a good time. We asked our friend Holly Easterbrook (who you can see in the lead in PROOF at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival) to take Baby along for a musical extravaganza. Baby is particularly fond of music and lives in a house where the radio is constantly set to the Musical Magic station, so this was a great opportunity for her.


Despite Thursday morning presenting us with another miserable looking sky in London town, Baby and I were far from any dull or dreariness when we stepped inside the Empire Cinema in Leicester Square on Thursday morning to see the all new family-pop musical, ‘The Go Go Go Show!’

The foyer was alive with excited kids, most of whom spotted the popcorn available within seconds, and as we all shuffled into the 166 seat theatre, there was a real buzz of anticipation in the room. Each seat had a brightly coloured sock on the back of it, which would come into play later in the show for some well-received audience participation. Unfortunately, Baby had spotted this from the outset and proceeded to eat it for the majority of Act 1 and drop it somewhere in the foyer in the interval.

Baby with Mr Baffled at the GoGoGo Show

As the Empire website explains, “The story is a good old-fashioned caper! This sing-a-long, dance-a-long show is stacked full of fun. There is plenty of interaction with the audience, who are invited to complete a set of tasks in order to become members of the Gold Go!Go!Go!Getters! Club.”

Baby and I would definitely have to agree! Despite my initial concern, ten minutes in, that some of the characters were so over the top and cheesy that they were going to be a real test of the adults’ patience and sanity, even I grew to love the larger than life characters, with a particular mention to Mr Baffled, who really stood out with his clowning physicality and clumsy voice.

baby on the red carpet at gogogo show

The songs were unbelievably catchy, to the extent I can still remember some of the lyrics and movements now, with the only ever so slight disappoint being that nothing was sung live. This of course, although irritating to me, didn’t seem to faze the kids in the slightest, which I suppose is the main concern.

The set and costumes were so bright, modern and vivacious that Baby sat quite contently observing everything around her for the near 2 hour show. In particular the clever use of a hologram-styled projection screen at the back really added another dimension to the stage and filled any normally lengthy moments for costumes changes.  A few microphone issues can be excused for so early on in the run and there were no other noticeable mistakes in a highly choreographed and energised show, so hats off to the cast – or should we say socks off!

Overall a thoroughly enjoyable and family friendly show. Baby, I’m aware, is perhaps a little more musically minded than the average 1 year old, and drew quite an audience for her singing and dancing rendition during the finale numbers, but I would assume ordinarily this show is aimed at a slightly older age range. For an afternoon of non-stop entertainment and a guaranteed exhausted child on your departure, well worth a visit.

Booking details:

The Go!Go!Go! Show is showing on June 16, 17, 23, 24, 30 and July 1, 7, and 8

Where: The Empire Leicester Square, London

Ticket prices:  Adults: £15 / Children: £12.50 / Groups of 4: £50 / Groups of 10: £100

To book tickets please visit www.gogogo.tvwww.empirecinemas.co.uk, call 08 714 714 714 or visit  The Empire Cinema Box Office.

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