Sunday Serving
17 Apr

The Sunday Serving

Welcome to the Sunday Serving, where I list links from other blogs that I’ve enjoyed reading this week. I’ve borrowed this idea from wedding bloggers Kat Williams of Rock n Roll Bride and Annabel Beeforth from Love My Dress. Hope you enjoy these few article on this sunny Sunday morning.

Drill sergeant or loving mom? I liked this very honest article written by an American mom with little money and five kids. Good read. founders talk parenting taboos on Ted Talks – This is the actual video that got me started on blogging. I watched Rufus and Alisa talk about how they started, then I checked out their site, and read an article about the 50 top mummy bloggers in the US. And that’s how was born. For those who attended our talk at the SWPP convention in January, this was the big idea we alluded to.

Free Range Kids – I just find this site fascinating in general. It’s controversial; it’s opinionated. I love it. Written by a woman who doesn’t want to raise her kids to feel stifled and afraid.



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