Sunday Serving
12 Jun

The Sunday Serving

Happy Sunday! It’s slightly damp today, which is annoying because James’ entire clan is about to descend to meet Baby. It’s going to be a tight squeeze in the house.

Anyway, here are a few of the interesting things I’ve found on-line this week. Sadly, there are no more videos of Bradley Cooper speaking French. I know that was a big hit last week.

Giving birth in Manilla Seeing these images of a maternity ward in the Philippines makes me very glad that I gave birth in Surrey. I doubt these women gave too much thought to reading books about water births and hypnobirthing, relying rather on shared knowledge and support. These women are all superstars, in my book.

Life imitating cyberlife – One of the latest trends on You Tube is for people to make videos that point out how incredibly intimate social media like Twitter and Facebook are and how we are allowing strangers unprecedented access to our lives in a way we’d never do in real life (said the blogger).  I thought this video, which is advertising a play at the ENO about social media, was one of the better ones.

Lets go 2 the moviesNot that I remember what that was like. I’m a little disappointed that the last film I saw at the cinema before motherhood was the new Pirates film. I was actually bored. But that’s by the by. I love how this little cinema in Texas took a stand against a texting movie-goer. I’ve always been annoyed when I see little glowing screens in the cinema. It completely takes me out of the moment and I usually start wondering what’s so important that they need to text right then.


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