Sunday Serving
05 Jun

The Sunday Serving

Happy Sunday! I’ve made it through another week of motherhood and I think that’s something to celebrate. Here are some fun videos, a touching story and a bit of controversy to spice up your Sunday.

Bradley Cooper speaking FrenchBradley Cooper is firmly lodged at the top of my celebrity shag list, having knocked Jude Law off his top spot last year (don’t worry, Jude, I’d still have you). But this video of him speaking French in an interview is just so darned sexy I had to share it. And Bradley may or may not be the reason I made James grow his hair longer. Ahem.

Motivational speech from a 5yr oldThis kid has so much enthusiasm for riding a bike. I wish I had half as much enthusiasm as him!

Adoption story – I was pottering around on the website and found this. I thought you might like to read it. My own sister is adopted, so I am grateful to women like the anonymous author of this piece who are brave enough to know when adoption is the right move for them.

Baby Facebook page debateThere has been a debate raging about a mother who created a Facebook page for her unborn child. Through it, she was sharing information with friends and family about how the pregnancy was going, etc. Personally, I don’t see what the fuss is about, or why Facebook took her page down. But I suppose people sometimes need something over which to get their knickers in a twist. Some people are just happier with twisty knickers.

This week, I have some great blog posts coming your way. You’ll get to see the results of Baby’s first newborn shoot. We did it in a slightly different style to our usual newborn shots, so I’m really excited to share them. Also, I have a great guest post from a friend discussing The Nappy Debate: whether to use eco nappies or disposable and the actual effect on the environment. Tomorrow I’ll share the top ten things we’ve learned in Baby’s first two weeks. And don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten that I need to do the book round-up for the third trimester. And please do keep the comments coming. They are fantastic!


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