Sunday Serving
29 May

The Sunday Serving

Now that I’ve given birth, I’m going to combine the sentiment of Feel Good Friday with The Sunday Serving, as I don’t need FGF to get my oxytocin levels up anymore. So here is a mix of best of blogs and funny stuff that we’ve found. Well, actually, mostly funny stuff this time.

Samantha Bee on parenting – If you’re anything like me, More4 choosing not to continue broadcasting The Daily Show has been a low point of your year. Here is Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee on parenting; I like the oatmeal gun.

Oprah’s top parenting momentsI found this clip among many others on a post that was celebrating the top parenting moments on The Oprah Winfrey Show. This week marked Oprah’s last show. The producers must have been clearing out their desks, as James and I received a FedEx from Harpo on Thursday with some images of us with Patrick Swayze. I thank Oprah for giving James and me an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience! Warning: Most of these parenting moments will make the most stoic of people cry. Beware if you are pregnant or post-natal, as hormones will triple this effect. I could only watch one before James asked, “What are you doing?” and removed the computer from my reach.

Faecal humour – Now that we have a baby, laughing about poo is going to become a coping mechanism. Baby made her first and second poos on Friday. James is currently doing most of the nappy changes, which is why I found him laughing like a hyena to this clip the other day. Yes, darling, this is your new relationship with vaginas.


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