Sunday Serving
22 May

The Sunday Serving

It’s been quite a week. At one point I thought I’d have my baby by Wednesday and then…well, didn’t happen. Now I spend my days bouncing gently on a birth ball, thinking calm thoughts, navigating daytime TV, and trying to bring my blood pressure down. I have found that laughter is the best medicine, so here is some funny stuff for you to enjoy with a glass of OJ.

Tim Minchin’s Lullaby – One of my past brides who now has three lovely children sent this to me as part of Feel Good Friday. Very funny. I think I’ll appreciate it more very, very soon.

More sleep-related swearing – This book hasn’t even been published yet and it’s making waves. Just goes to show what a bit of effing and blinding can do.

Strange names for children – Why would this couple name their child ‘Like’ after Facebook? Sounds like a temporary joke that the kid is going to have to live with for the rest of its life. Perhaps I will name my child ‘Mentions’ after Twitter.

TV’s most unrealistic families – Thanks to again for this gem. I agree most with Jack and Kim Bauer. She is too stupid to have sprung from his super sperm.


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