Sunday Serving
27 Nov

The Sunday Serving

In America, the day after Thanksgiving is called “Black Friday”. This is because it’s the first official day of Christmas shopping and the malls are all packed to the gills. Seriously, I don’t understand why anyone would want to go shopping on this day. You have to do that thing where you wait for people to come out of the shop and attempt to follow them back to their car. It’s the only way you can get a parking space.

Thankfully, we now have the Internet and it’s possible to do all your Christmas shopping without fighting for any parking.

Happy Belated (or early) Mother’s Day – I thought this was a nice little film about the mother-child relationship and IT.

Christmas Toy Fads – I remember the year that Laser Tag was the thing to have. My father felt quite smug with himself because he managed to get me a set by asking his friend in California, where Laser Tag was obviously passé, to send him some of the guns. I then proceeded to spend one afternoon in our basement, shooting at the target. That was just about the only time I used it. Here are some fads for kids’ Christmas pressies that you may remember.

Life’s Too ShortIf you aren’t watching the latest Ricky Gervais and Stephen Marchant creation, then you are missing out. Warwick Davis of Willow fame plays “himself”, but only if “himself” was actually a little David Brent. Like Extras, Life’s Too Short features a new celebrity guest every week. The best was a couple weeks ago when Johnny Depp turned up with Warwick at the Gervais/Marchant offices and proceeded to tell Ricky some jokes that he had written about Gervais (retribution for last year’s Golden Globe awards). Speaking of which, Gervais is hosting them again because viewing figures went up by millions when he insulted the Hollywood gliteratti. Turns out the public like that sort of thing. Go figure.

Further to my rant about Richmond Park – Meet Benton/Fenton. He’s a dog with a mission and also seems to go by the name “Jesus Christ”. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, watch this clip. Then go to this article and watch all the piss-takes of the Benton/Fenton clip. I especially love the Jurassic Park one.

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