Sunday Serving
20 Nov

The Sunday Serving

Yesterday, I was sitting in the park after taking Baby for a walk, sitting on a bench and reading my book. I had what I call a “New England Moment”: suddenly it felt transported back to America because the sky was blue, the air was chilled, the ground was covered in leaves, and two teams of boys were playing lacrosse in front of me. Even today, with the fog, it was a glorious autumn day. You know something is up when we’re getting all the great weather and the east coast of America has snowstorms at Halloween. But I digress.

Techno Babies – This is a thought-provoking article in The Guardian about toddlers and technology. Already, I can see Baby’s interest in my iPhone, probably due – as this article says – to the fact that I can’t seem to put it down, so it must be interesting.

The Anti-Tummy Time Case – Proving that no matter what we do, we’re wrong, here is a video about why some people don’t think Tummy Time is a good thing. Actually, the video is in this post is very cute and definitely worth a look. There are also a lot of other good reads on this blog.

Mesmerizing Time Lapse videos – I just thought these were cool. Enjoy!

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