Sunday Serving
13 Nov

The Sunday Serving

This is shaping up to be a beautiful November. As I write this, the sky outside is a clear blue, the air is crisp, the ground is green and orange. It’s like a text book autumnal day. We’re going to celebrate with a nice long walk in the park.

But before I go, I must share with you a couple of great videos.

Bad Lip-Reading – In the US, another presidential contest is heating up to keep the world amused for a year. I’m sure you’ve heard of Michelle Bachmann, who thankfully is looking a bit dead in the water right now. Well, check out this video by the good people at Bad Lip-Reading. The basic premise is that they watch videos and then re-dub it in a voice similar to the subject with what they could be saying. The lips match the words perfectly and it’s hilarious. You can be entertained for a while following this from link to link with the other presidential hopefuls (or hopelesses, as I like to call them). The scary thing is that some of this seems like stuff that Michelle Bachmann would say…

John Lewis advert - This morning I awoke to the following message from my husband in my email: “The new John Lewis advert made me cry”. I think it’s because it made him start to envision future Christmases with our little family. I admit, I got a little teary, too.

What to expect from childbirth – I know we have a lot of readers who are pregnant right now, so I thought I’d share this article from by a labour and delivery nurse about the truths about giving birth.


  1. 13 Nov

    Caroline Job

    just watched the tv ad from John Lewis, it’s a great twist… you think he wants Christmas for himself but actually it’s a gentle reminder, it’s all about the joy of giving… Great ad, full of intrigue, and you want to keep watching to see what’s happening! ps the yellow and blue cup at the start of the ad, it’s TUM TUM and we sell it on our shop… so hop on over! xxx

  2. 13 Nov


    beautiful day today.
    I haven’t dared click on your John Lewis link as their ads always make me cry – will save that till later.
    thanks for letting me know it’s out there for that moment when I need a weep

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