Sunday Serving
06 Nov

The Sunday Serving

Happy Sunday! As you clean up the detritus of Guy Fawkes’ Night from your lawn and nurse your hangovers, here are some musings to amuse you.

The Romanesco Broccoli – I’ve re-signed up to receive boxes from Abel & Cole. We used to get them, but then we experienced what we called a “middle class robbery”, that is, someone stole our organic milk from out front of the house. Oh, the horror. Anyway, I have signed up for the Baby & Toddler box. I was so excited to unpack my organic goodies: apples, pears, carrots, spuds, and…a Romanesco Broccoli? I had no idea what this thing was and had to look it up. I’ll let you know how it tastes as I’m planning to cut it up and grill it with the beautiful beef & ale pie I also ordered for Monday’s dinner.

A Handwritten Legacy – I found this short video while trawling through the majesty of thought and inspiration that is Ted Talks, where the speaker discusses the handwritten letters her father wrote for her as he slowly died of cancer. When she craves a hug from her father, she reads his letters.  I just thought maybe we could all take something away from this.

Top 100 Moms – As I’m finding out, being a mom-mum and running a business is tough. The number of choices I’ve already had to make not just about what’s best for my daughter, but also what’s best for me and my dreams is staggering. I thought this list of Top Moms from might help give everyone a bit of inspiration on this rainy Sunday.

Hand-holding nursery rhyme books – If you’re like me and your knowledge of nursery rhymes and children’s songs is poor to middling, then here is a good book for you. I bought it at Hamley’s the other day and Baby loves it.

NaBloPoMo – Who said abbreviations had to be easy to say? This one stands for National Blog Post Month and it’s being run by the fabulous ladies at BritMums. Basically, the idea is that I need to post something on the blog every day for a month. November is a great time for it, too, with so many interesting things happening, starting with the great British holiday of Guy Fawkes’ Night and ending with the great American holiday of Thanksgiving. In between, I’ll be talking about weaning and I think my cat will be writing another post soon. If you are ever looking for some great reads, check in with the BritMum’s blog. And of course, be sure the check in with ICAW for my daily posts!


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