Sunday Serving
30 Oct

The Sunday Serving

Happy Halloween!

For your ghoulish delectation today, I have brought together some scarily interesting links for you.

Bacteria are gonna get you –  This article in the Guardian is alarming, especially for an American germophobe like me. I was particularly dismayed to read that 43% of mothers don’t wash their hands after changing their babies’ nappies. I keep a large bottle of anti-bacterial lotion next to the station just in case I can’t get to the sink. I should buy stock in the stuff. Other carriers not mentioned here are petrol pumps, iPads, mobile phones and computer keyboards. Scary stuff!

The Force is strong in this one – Samantha Bee is a mother after my own heart. You may not know her in the UK because she is one of the “reporters” on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show. This story about how she subliminally gets her children to choose Star Wars characters for Halloween costumes is very funny. I’ll be trying it one day.

The Colbys Series Finale – I had completely forgotten about this until my friend brought it up over tea. I used to be obsessed with The Colbys, the off-shoot of Dynasty about another rich, completely screwed up family. Like Fallon, I also loved John James and Max Caulfield. Unlike Fallon, I have not been abducted by aliens in a series finale. I can’t decide if this was genius or laziness on the writers’ parts. You decide.

Pumpkin carving madness – There is definitely a craft to carving pumpkins. We’ll be carving ours later tonight and they are pretty much going to be your standard triangular eyes, triangular nose and two-toothed smile pumpkin. But that doesn’t mean I can’t dream. While searching for pumpkin carving ideas that I am, in fact, too lazy to carry out, I found this website. A Death Star pumpkin! Too cool.

Population growth – Scary for completely different reasons, did you know the world is about to his the 7 billion population mark? Leave it to the BBC to come up with this cool little test to find out where you fit into that number.

And finally, please do read my post from yesterday about being a Hallo-weenie.

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