Sunday Serving
23 Oct

The Sunday Serving

Well, isn’t someone just becoming the slacker with the blog? Here I am at quarter to twelve trying to squeeze in a last minute Sunday Serving.

Hopefully you’ll forgive me when you see what I’ve done over the last 7 days:

- Hosted a course for 8 photographers at our studio
- Organised a joint course with another photographer for January
- Signed up a new guest blogger
- Been followed by a documentary film crew
- Took Baby to her final swimming lesson, level 2
- Went on my first girls’ night out since birth in Wimbledon Village
- Judged a photography competition for Hotpoint
- Caught up on 3 weeks’ worth of Downton Abbey
- Gotten my eyebrows waxed and nails manicured
- Exhibited at the Luxury Wedding Show for 2 days at the Saatchi Gallery
- And pumped breast milk 21 times

Oh…and kept Baby alive, happy and well, especially at her new favourite wake-up time, 4AM.

Needless to say, I’m pretty tired.

So I am very sorry that I haven’t been able to blog a lot lately and that my Sunday Serving is devoid of links. I did write loads of interesting, witty posts for you. Unfortunately, they are all in my head. Trust me, you would have loved them.

The good news is that I think I’ve found someone to help watch over the baby for me while I write and do other businessy, empire-building activities. Yippee.

In the meantime, however, I’m off to bed. Just after I remove this darned pump…

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