Sunday Serving
25 Sep

The Sunday Serving

Today’s Sunday Serving is video-based. You can spend hours leaping from video to video on You Tube, seeing some of the best entertainment in the land. These are just a small selection of our favourites:

Sesame Street “G” Episode – Glee mixed with Sesame Street. Enough said.

Ultimate Dog Tease – I love this video. The dialogue is perfectly timed and you can really feel the dog understood his motivation in this film. Woof.

Talking TwinsLately, Baby has been extremely vocal. I have no idea what she is saying, but, whatever it is, she’s very earnest about it. I find this video to be hilarious – these twins seem to be having an actual conversation. “Da da da da?” “Da! Da da da.” Exactly.

Her morning eleganceThis is the ultimate feel good video. It’s so simple in concept, but it must have taken ages to make. I defy you not to finish this with a big smile on your face.

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  1. 25 Sep


    Your site and ultimate dog tease are the two things I look at every morning during my commute, brilliant that they’ve combined!
    I also recomment “sleeping cat hugs kitten with nightmare” or something along those lines! X

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