Sunday Serving
04 Sep

The Sunday Serving

It’s been one of those days. My intention was to write the Sunday Serving after the 10:45 feed. That didn’t happen. Then I was definitely going to write it after the 2:30 feed, but Baby wanted to play. So here I am, finally putting cyber pen to cyber paper, a lot later than planned. I need to start writing the Sunday Serving on Saturday.

But I hope these are worth the wait!

Sexist shirts for girls at JC Penny – The American retailer JC Penny found itself on the sharp side of feminism when it started selling a shirt that says “I’m too pretty to do homework, so my brother has to do it for me”. I’m waiting for the companion shirt with the slogan “I just slept with all my brother’s friends, but don’t tell mom” to come out.

Hidden dangers of sign language – I enjoyed this entry on the Daddy by Default blog on being careful with baby sign language, as you never know how people might interpret it (especially if you live in LA). I’m planning to start Signing classes at 6 months with Baby, but I’ll be sure to keep my boogie swipe separate from my choo choo trains.

Is breast really best? – I think this article on was written to be inflammatory. It made me feel better for a split second about the fact that I top Baby up with formula, then I felt crappy again after reading all the comments. Sigh.

Secret weddingsIn honour of my being back into shooting weddings, here is a nice little selection of stories from yesterday’s Guardian about people who married in secret.


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