Sunday Serving
28 Aug

The Sunday Serving

It’s the day after my first post-maternity leave wedding and I’m alive! Thankfully, the weather held out for us, so we didn’t suffer from every wedding photographer’s nightmare: constant rain.

James did a stellar job of watching after Baby in my absence, although I think he’s realised she needs a lot more entertaining than she used to. And she has developed a sixth sense to detect when mommy or daddy wants to take a nap (or write a blog post), so she can wake up.

Good news is that James picked up her new Bumbo from Mothercare yesterday after a friend recommended it to us. Bad news is she seems to really hate it, most likely because she’s a ridiculously active baby and sitting in one spot isn’t really her bag. I’ve been told on Twitter that I need to persevere with it, as the Bumbo is a lifesaver. Will do!

And here is your Sunday Serving…

Bounty lashback – An article in The Guardian this week has highlighted people’s disgust with the Bounty bag system. Most mums I know have been molested by the infamous Bounty rep in hospital after giving birth. My consultant told me that the Bounty rep basically “puts your baby on a tray” and takes a picture. Hmmm. Tempting, but no. I gave birth just past midnight, got to bed by about 5am, and was woken frequently by my hungry baby. It was in the middle of this turmoil that the Bounty rep came in. I actually didn’t realise at first who she was because she did look official and had a hospital-style trolley with her. Thankfully, the midwife had warned her that I was a photographer and would not want to take her up on the tray offer, so she didn’t try to sell it to me. She did mention that the child benefit forms were in the bag. I think that I managed not to give her my details. Frankly, I don’t really remember, but my intention was always not to give them to her as I don’t want the slew of junk mail. I agree with the comments of mothers after the article that we’re really in no fit state to be making decisions or to be approached by sales people after giving birth. Perhaps the Bounty system needs to be reviewed.

The realities of Baby Brain – Call it what you will – Mummy brain, Baby Brain, or Pregnancy Brain – the changes experienced by our mental state by the act of having a baby are real and documented. In fact, they say we come out the other side smarter. Cool.

100 people – This is a great video that must have taken somebody a very long time to produce. I’d love to create a stop motion video, but, if I’m honest, I’m just too darned lazy to put in the time (or busy). You’ll definitely end this with a smile on your face.


  1. 28 Aug

    Jeanette Lendon

    Both of my two boys’ thighs were so massive they got stuck in the Bumbo (think adult sized rugby players on a small person)!! It is a fab thing though, and a complete lifesaver if you just need them to sit in one place for a bit!!

  2. 29 Aug


    Julia, none of my kids ever made peace with the bumbo..well actually i guess they were not about when i had my first one. They tolerated it for a very short period of time but just pretty much stuck with the offended look throughout. Our lifesaver was the tripp trapp highchair with a soft book or towel or something wedged around them. We still have our original tripp our dinner table with my youngest in it now. Its just part of the family *sniff* lol

  3. 29 Aug

    Julia from ICAWatermelon

    Sarah, we’ve got our tripp trapp assembled and ready to go (about 3 months early as it’s not recommended until 6 months ;O).


  4. 31 Aug


    Don’t put the bumbo on any high surfaces. Our little bean managed to climb out of it and I had been putting him on the sideboard and dinner table. Thankfully it was on the floor at the time but I don’t think I realised that they could get out.

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