Sunday Serving
24 Apr

The Sunday Serving

Happy Easter! I am not particularly religious or anything, but at least it’s another good excuse to eat chocolate.

I am feeling quietly smug that we stayed in London over this bank holiday weekend. Not only was Ikea blissfully empty yesterday (on a Saturday!), but also we are apparently experiencing better weather than the Mediterranean.

Without further gloating adieu, here is my round-up of some of the blogs and bits I’ve been reading on the internet this week:

Delicious Baby Blog – In the spirit of travelling for the holidays, this blog, recommended by one of our clients, has great information about getting out and about with children. Here is a post about flying with little uns.

A Newbie Mums’ Guide to Other Mums Thanks again to our friends at Babble for this fun post. As my mind starts to turn to thoughts of what happens after the birth, I have started thinking about the Mum Social Network and what it’s going to be like.

Mommy Confessions BlogI’m including this one because I like her writing style and think she’s rather amusing. Following on from the Newbie Mums’ Guide, I think this may be directed at a few of the types mentioned.

Exploiting My Baby Blog Here’s a blog from the States with a brilliant name. Yes, she’s already had a book deal. And I think this piece follows on nicely from the two above. Enjoy.

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