Sunday Serving
21 Aug

The Sunday Serving

Happy Sunday, campers! By this time next week, I will have officially photographed my first wedding back on the job. I’m really looking forward to it, as it’s at a fantastic venue (Nonsuch Mansion) with a fun couple. That wedding will be closely followed by my second and third, after which I’ll need a holiday, naturally. We’re thinking Ireland. I hear that weather is just grand this time of year…

Anyway, here is your Sunday Serving. Enjoy!

Raising weird kids – I found this great post on about raising weird kids and how modern parents seem to use the term as another way of saying they are bad parents. The author and I completely disagree! I’m planning to do everything I can to raise Baby with plenty of weird. Heck, I took her to a barbecue the other day dressed in a bear costume. And we have a Princess Leia outfit waiting in the wings for 6 months. Weird is wonderful.

What to do at playtime?As Baby gets more and more demanding at playtime, I need to find new ways to stimulate her. I did a baby massage class and we have started swimming. I have a great Play Jail (as we call it) that she loves to lie down in and practice her rolling. Her vibrating chair has come in handy, too, with its annoying singing and flashing crab. I’ve got books galore. But Baby needs more. More. MORE! Here are some games that you can play with your developing baby.

You Tube GreatsGotta say, I was a little insulted not to have been included on the list. That damned wedding entrance dance got on it. On the bright side, at least Tyson the Skateboarding Dog didn’t beat us to the punch.

Take off your Mommy GogglesI found this great US-based website while doing my morning feed. It’s all about helping new parents understand the difference between good photography and bad photography, so that they can choose the right photographer to take pictures of their baby. What an awesome idea. As a professional photographer, I see a lot of images taken by “fauxtographers” and, as Heather from TOYMG says, it breaks my heart to think that parents will have blown their only chance to get great images of their babies. Like any kind of photography, newborns, babies and kids require specific skills and not every photographer has them just because he or she owns a camera. My baby is growing so quickly and I do weekly photo shoots of her. It’s amazing to see how much she’s changed. Anyway, it’s a great site. Have a read, whether you are a parent or a photographer.


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