Sunday Serving
14 Aug

The Sunday Serving

What a week. It held birthdays, riots, and my first post-baby date with my husband. I’m hoping this week will be much less exciting!

Apologies that I haven’t posted much for a few days. James purloined my laptop and I was word processor-less. I’ve had cyber-withdrawal symptoms, with only my iPhone and iPad to assuage my social media needs. Is there such a thing as Internet addiction? If yes, then I think I have it. (Actually, after taking this test, I find that I am an average Internet user.)

Here is the Sunday Serving to give you a little something to chew on during this gray, but muggy morning.

A Good Point in The Telegraph – A friend posted this article on Facebook and I found it to be very interesting. We’ve recently suffered violent, angry rioting and looting from our youths (and organised crime). But we also suffered looting of a less violent and angry nature by our MPs with the expenses scandal. Whether you are a regular Telegraph reader or not,  this article is a really good read.

Reclaiming my body – As you know, I’ve recently decided it’s time to shed my baby fat and get back in shape. It’s all going well: I ran twice this week and met up with an NCT friend for a workout session in the park. Here are some links to help kickstart you into your post-baby workout: one about postpartum exercises and one about recipes under 100 calories (I still need to work on the whole calorie thing. My visit to Gelupo yesterday saw me eating a big tub of Saffron & Vanilla ice cream. Can you blame me??) 

Getting older – Now that I am thirty-bleugh, I’m starting to feel twinges of mid-life crisis. They are fleeting, but they are there. This is a good article about the joys of growing older.

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