Sunday Serving
07 Aug

The Sunday Serving

Sundays are all about sitting down with friends and family and enjoying a good meal and catching up on each other’s news. Now that things are beginning to normalise again post-Baby, we’re having our first good old Sunday Lunch, prepared by my house elf, James, while I go upstairs and grab a couple more hours of ZZZs.


Well, I went upstairs and fell asleep before I could post this, but you’ll be glad I did. Have I got a story for YOU (as told by James’ cousin)!

You know when you see a baby drop a pacifier and the parent puts it in his mouth to clean it? (Like our mouths are that clean). Well, James’ cousin’s work mate was at the London Zoo and did just that. Next thing you know his liver was shutting down and he was seriously ill. Turns out he caught a tropical disease carried by RHINOS from licking the pacifier. I’ve heard that parents shouldn’t do the whole suck-on-the-pacifier-to-clean-it thing, but this is the first time I’ve heard a story that gives me a clear motive never to do it. You have been warned.

Now back to our regular programming.

Ottolenghi CookbookThis has to be the most divine cookbook written since Delia first boiled an egg. Buy it now. Buy it for someone you love. Most importantly, buy it for somebody who cooks for you. I have never found a book with so many delicious recipes in it. Next time James and I go out for dinner, I will be visiting one of the four Ottolenghi restaurants in London.

Oil and More – Once you buy the Ottolenghi cookbook and realise that your local supermarket doesn’t carry pomegranate syrup, you’ll need somewhere to source a few of the ingredients. That’s how I found the Oil and More website. Oh. My. God. Lately, all of my Internet shopping has been for Baby, but I decided to splurge on a few amazing olive oils and balsamic vinegars from this site. Gone are the days when I used to have to sneak past my husband with a Monsoon bag carrying whatever I had bought at lunch; now, it’s like, “Hmmm. Is that another olive oil?” I’m addicted. We are currently enjoying the Desert Miracle variety. Yummy! And if you need a baby-related excuse to buy it, just say it’s for the baby’s head to prevent cradle cap.

And finally, for something a little bit trivial, but amusing, check out this funny commentary on every Facebook debate you’ve ever had. Too true…


  1. 07 Aug


    Oh my…that pacifier story gives me chills….

  2. 08 Aug

    Charlie M

    So you haven’t found Embassy Electrical Supplies in Clerkenwell, pop in for a light bulb & come out with some of their olive oil… only in London!

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