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31 Jul

The Sunday Serving

I think all parents think about the state of the world that they’ve brought children into. Right now, the state is pretty poor, in my opinion. As a new parent, I believe I found the recent events in Norway even more disturbing than I would have pre-Baby. I just couldn’t stop thinking about how all the parents must feel, all those families ripped apart. One of our closest friends is Norwegian and she told me a story about a little boy who walked up to the gunman and said, “You just killed my father. You can’t do that. You can’t just shoot people. I’m only 11. I’m too young to die.” The gunman apparently walked away from him and let him live.

And once I start thinking about Norway, thoughts of September 11 aren’t far behind. Luckily, I didn’t know anybody who died that day, but I remember watching it all unfold from a TV at work. Somebody came to my desk and said, “A plane has just flown into the World Trade Center!” and I rushed into the conference room to watch the news. At that point, they weren’t sure if it was an accident. Then, as I watched, another plane flew into the second tower and there was no doubt it was an orchestrated terrorist attack. That day has taken the whole world in a scary direction and I feel sorry for all the future generations who have to deal with this. It makes the days of my youth, when my biggest fear was that the Russians were going to drop a bomb on us, pale by comparison.

Apologies that today’s Sunday Serving is a bit serious, but I’m in a pensive mood.

WorldometerPrepare to have your mind blown by this site. Want to know how many people are in the world right now? Or how many bicycles have been produced so far this year? When I wrote this, the number of births today was at 188,160. What is it now?

Hands Across America – My friend posted this on Facebook and it brought back a flood of memories. I don’t know if you heard about this in the UK, but when I was little, there was a charity event called “Hands Across America”. The concept was that Americans would get together on a given day and hold hands, creating a line that stretched all the way across the country. Of course, there was a song to go with it. This all happened around the same time as Band Aid, so catchy theme tunes were an integral part of charity events back then. I remember the day we did it. We went to our assigned town and took our places in the assigned spot. When we were told to hold hands, we held hands for about ten minutes. We sang “Hands Across America”. It was actually a powerful moment. It was over pretty quickly and we got back in our cars and went home. Although it all seems a bit cheesy with the theme tune and all, it was actually pretty cool. Maybe we need to do something like that again.



  1. 31 Jul


    So with you on this. I really do believe that becoming a parent alters your perspective on the world completely. You read things with a different slant, and consider the impact on your pack. I presume it’s natures way? Awakens the lioness in us, maybe?

  2. 31 Jul

    Julia from ICAWatermelon

    I’m a Leo born in the Year of the Tiger, so, yes, I think you are right!

  3. 02 Aug


    I’ve had a good think about this subject because it is something I worry about too… “Is bringing a baby into this crazy world the right thing to do?”
    The world is already over-populated, there are environmental issues, our resources are strained, economically and socially the world is in turmoil, terrorists and gunmen are commonplace. Am I being totally selfish in wanting to bring another life into all of that?

    Well quite frankly yes… I am being selfish. But only because of all the wonderful things in this world that I want to share with my future child. Let’s not forget about Christmas, pancakes, trips to the seaside, falling in Love.

    And for all the chaos you hear about in the news, I have always believed that ONE PERSON CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. And maybe, just maybe that one person could be your child.

    I bet Nelson Mandela’s mother was so proud of him, and Martin Luther King’s mother or Mother Teresa’s mother. Who knows what your little ones will turn out to be?
    It’s probably a bit optimistic to think you’ll be raising a future peace-maker and inspiration to others… but who knows?

    There is of course the other fear that you’ll bring a gunman or psychopath into the world. In hindsight maybe Hitler’s mum could have done things a little differently.

    I’ll be happy just to bring a kind and thoughtful person into this world. The kind of person who offers you a £1 coin when you are paying for your car parking, because you’ve just realised you don’t have enough change, which means you’ll end up running to a cash point, then to a shop to break a £10 note (that sort of kindness to strangers makes my day).

    Protecting your children from the outside world is probably the scariest and most futile battle. And I suppose its one that you’ll always fight but never win – but we all knew parenthood was never going to be easy.

    Great post. An important topic to be raised. Just another great reason i read your blog.

  4. 02 Aug

    Julia from ICAWatermelon

    Thank you, Hermione, for such a thoughtful and heartfelt answer. I think you are right. I like to believe that my daughter will be part of the solution, not the problem. Thank you also for reading!! Jx

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