Sunday Serving
17 Jul

The Sunday Serving

Do you ever feel like breaking out in song on a Sunday morning? Well, if you do, I highly recommend you check out Songify. It’s an app where you talk into your iPhone and it sets your words to music through autotuning your voice to pre-created rhythms. James introduced me to this app the other day when he made me a song as an apology for spilling milk.

He also forwarded me this songified video of a girl who posted her eHarmony dating video online. Somebody at Songify saw it and recreated this. I have to say…I like cats, but I don’t want to hug every cat. And I certainly wouldn’t cry about the state of all the cats in the world. I wonder if she ever got a date.

Even funnier is this songified video of Charlie Sheen. I only half paid attention to his whole meltdown saga in the media. I kept hearing that he said something about “tiger blood” and that he was a “winner”. After watching this songify video, I now get it. He’s a nutcase. Hide your daughters!

While we’re sharing videos, here’s another 50 videos of funny kids. I hope you didn’t have too many plans today because these are a cute overload.



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