Sunday Serving
10 Jul

The Sunday Serving

Let’s all do the Sunday Dance! And if you don’t have a Sunday Dance, perhaps you’d like to do this dance instead. I’ll put my hand up and say I’m a little confused by this video for a few reasons: 1) do the Japanese always expect to get robbed when they go to English-speaking countries? and 2) why is the George Costanza look-a-like wearing a thong on his head? It’s pretty ineffective as a balaclava. Do they think our thieves are really stupid or is that what thieves wear in Tokyo? Do they get it out of those vending machines I’ve heard so much about?

Moving on…

Arguing with mother – Can you pass the Butter Test?

Things I’m not looking forward toHave you heard of Sleep Training? No, it’s not for a new Olympic sport. It’s just one of the many things I have coming down the road towards me like a freight train.

Breastpumping at workHow would you like to breast pump in a closet and then have co-workers freak out at you because you need to store the results in the company fridge? Me either. Trust me – it’s not like I get a kick out of this breastpumping lark. We do it out of necessity and often desperation!

The importance of a birth planYes, we all know they aren’t worth the paper they’re written on, but is it still worth having one?

Telemarketer rage – Do you hate telemarketers? I hate them even more now that I spend more time at home. There’s nothing like searching for one of the 3 phones in this house that are never in their cradle to answer it before the baby wakes up only to find it’s someone who pronounces our last name “Darby-shy-rrr”.

And finally, if the last film made you laugh, this one will make you cry. I love a good short film. They are difficult to do, but can be so effective. Beware watching this if you have elevated hormone levels in your system. It’s a crier!

This week on the blog

Parts 3 and 4 of Nicola’s story will be up on Tuesday and Thursday. Also, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on decorating the nursery.


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