Sunday Serving
03 Jul

The Sunday Serving

You know when you’re having one of those days when your baby just doesn’t want you to get anything done? That’s today. While she dozes for a few moments, I’m quickly getting this up for your Sunday afternoon pleasure. Enjoy!

6 Things I Wish I Knew Pre-Pregnancy – I pretty much agree with everything this author has listed. Not that it would change anything, but I still wish I knew.

Will work for food – Has anyone ever tried to get you to work for free and given you some ridiculous reason as to why it’s in your best interests to do so? The best one I ever had was a groom who wanted me to shoot his wedding for free because “he’d look good in my portfolio.” Ahem. This nifty little flowchart will help you decide whether to do it next time someone honours you with asking.

Depressed Darth – It’s no secret that I’m a massive Star Wars fan, which is why I thought this blog so amusing. So the premise is, it’s written by Darth Vader and he’s depressed, you see. Because of the whole losing the empire thing. I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a blog post pretending to be Darth Vader as a parent to a newborn, but, let’s be honest, he’d just get a Stormtrooper to do the night feeds.

FU Penguin – Even though it seems like the creator of this blog has moved on to pastures new, it’s still got some classic funny posts about cute animals who need to hear the truth. If you haven’t seen this site before, you’ll spend a while reading through it. Here’s a post about ferrets

Grimm’s fairy tales in everyday life – This one is a bit serious, but it’s a really interesting article. Thank you to Neil Gaimon for tweeting it.

And finally, it’s my wedding anniversary this weekend. So in honour of that, here is a link to my first dance, just in case you are not one of the 9 million people who has seen it.

This week on the blog

Aside from more passive-aggressive sarcasm from me, I’m welcoming my first guest blogger to the site this week. She’ll be writing about her journey to getting pregnant and it’s a MUST READ. I’ll be putting the story up in several parts over the next few weeks because it’s a long trip. I was in tears when I read it. First instalment on Tuesday, so mark your diaries!


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