Sunday Serving
26 Jun

The Sunday Serving

Wow. I’m absolutely knackered after my Big Day Out at Cybermummy 2011. I met loads of lovely people and picked up a ridiculous amount of swag. The goody bag is the heaviest one I’ve ever taken away from a conference. I’ll write more about Cybermummy this week.

I’ve got quite a few good ones for you today. Enjoy with breakfast!

Rubbish can be fun – Thank you to uber fab design blog, Swiss Miss, for posting these pics of rubbish bins in Lucerne. And while you’re at it, check out this site called The Rubbish Diet, started by a housewife who wanted to see how long she could go without creating any garbage.

And the winner is… – James and I are really into films. That is, we were before Baby came along. We look forward to when she goes to Uni so we can watch movies again. Every February we stay up all night to watch the Oscars, which is why I thought this trailer was fun.

Life as an illegal immigrant One thing I can thank late night feeds for is giving me the opportunity to read interesting articles that friends have posted on Facebook. Here is one that I found particularly moving.

Internet profiling – This Ted Talks film on how Facebook and Google are profiling us and blocking us from receiving information their algorithms think aren’t pertinent to us is quite disturbing.

“You’ll never believe what my kid said…” – One of the things I’m looking forward to in parenthood is hearing my child say funny things and then telling our friends what she said at dinner parties. Here are some quotes from other people’s kids.

And finally, a dancing Chihuahua.




  1. 28 Jun


    Swiss Miss a such a super find. The link that you sent to me on Saturday, made me grin from ear to ear ;0)

  2. 29 Jun


    “lead female’s name! ” cracks me up every time. Glad you found it !

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