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03 May

The Maternity Wear round up

[Note: Image above was taken by Trevor Yerbury on my maternity shoot on my babymoon in Scotland.]

Shopping for maternity clothes is one of the best parts of pregnancy. As soon as I had the tiniest of bumps – and it is debatable whether it was actually a bump or just fat – I was down at Mamas and Papas trying on maternity jeans. Now that I am almost at 37 weeks, I thought I’d share some of my best maternity wear decisions.

I didn’t go overboard with buying maternity clothes because, obviously, they have a limited term of use. By the same token, there quickly came a point when my normal clothes just didn’t cut it anymore. So my advice is to buy some good basics, a nice dress or two, and a couple pairs of maternity jeans. I don’t work in a corporate office, so I didn’t need loads of work clothes. As a photographer, comfort is key. But some of the links below have some really good work basics as well. Enjoy!

Maternity jeansOne of my first stops was Mamas and Papas because it’s close to my studio. I must say it was the most delightful jeans-buying experience of my life. The first pair of jeans I tried on fit perfectly. That never happens. I eventually had to buy another pair in the next size up, but I really liked the bootcut jeans. And they stayed up around my waist, which is always difficult with maternity jeans. They also have a good range of maternity tops, especially the bigger outlets like the one off Argyll Street (near Oxford St tube).

Extension tops – I still wear these now at 37 weeks and would say these have probably been the most useful things I bought. Both these tops were great for extending my current wardrobe. Early on, I purchased about 9 shirts at the Gap and then used these to extend the shirt over my bump. The Isabella Oliver tops also have some support in the top (in fact, I’d often wear the t-shirts without a bra). The Next ones just go over the bump and the lip of your trousers.

A nice dress or two – You never know when you’re going to need to wear something a little sexier than your black work trousers and a black top. So I bought this amazing Isabella Oliver dress. I’m a classic pear shape and I found it to be very flattering. There are loads of other nice dresses on this site. In the final days of pregnancy and with the change of seasons, I splurged on a few cheap, casual dresses from H&M to tide me over until Abdul comes, as well.

In total, I probably spent about £600 on new maternity wear, but that included a new winter coat that fit over my bump and would work after pregnancy, too. I’d put a link to it, but it’s no longer on the Isabella Oliver site because it’s out of season. I know people who spend a lot less than that, but I found that I just couldn’t fit into my old clothes – they wouldn’t stretch over my bump past about 26 weeks. I’m sure you can find some good deals on eBay and, also, friends may have some pieces to lend or give you. Anyway, enjoy your shopping and give your beautiful bump the dressing up it deserves.


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    Lovely pictures, Trevor is a very talented man.

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