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07 Jun

The day I photographed the Queen

I remember the last Jubilee ten years ago. I didn’t really get involved. The closest I got was hearing the planes fly by Buckingham Palace from my flat in Putney. Millions of Union flags suddenly appeared, flapping patriotically from maisonettes and Range Rovers and everyone seemed very happy to be British.

This time was very different because a lot has happened to me in ten years. I met and married a British person; I had a baby; and I’ve lived here almost a third of my life. I started a successful company in the UK. This country will likely be my home for the rest of my life. So I felt much more invested in this Jubilee.

And, oh yeah, I got to photograph the Queen.

You can read the full story on my studio blog of what happened. That morning, I woke up very excited and I think that even Baby could tell that mommy and daddy were doing something special that day.

Mommy is nervous before photographing the Queen

Baby wore a corgi top from Next, bought specifically for the occasion. James even considered bringing her along in her Baby Bjorn. I’m sure that she and the Queen would have gotten along famously.

Baby models her Corgi shirt on the day mommy photographed the Queen

I hope the Queen continues for at least another ten years. Would that mean she gets to celebrate another Jubilee? It would make her the longest serving British monarch in history. I know there are those who think that Britain could do without a monarchy and I saw a few people poo-pooing the Jubilee on Facebook (I assume they went to work on Tuesday?), but I honestly think Britain would lose a huge part of its identity without the royal family. And I don’t think that being Queen is an easy job. Everybody has their own problems, even royalty. I’ve been ruminating a lot this week on what it must be like to be Queen. Yes, you get some nice houses and people who do things for you, but you also get a lifetime of servitude, of never getting to go anywhere without a security detail, of meeting people who are taught how to say hi to you (Prince William said his grandmother loves it when protocol messes up). Let’s be honest: it’s a life sentence of small talk. I’m not saying I wouldn’t want to be a Queen, but it’s not all wine and roses.

So long live the Queen, I say. After all, she throws a pretty good party and I’m already looking forward to the next one.


  1. 07 Jun

    Annabel - Love My Dress Wedding Blog

    Here here, long live The Queen! I wasn’t prepared for the celebrations, I was too wrapped up in Syria and the horrendous events of the previous week. But once the celebrations kicked off, I had so much fun, I really felt a strong sense of community in the celebrations. I too hope she is around in 10 years for another Jubilee. Imagine that, it would be amazing! She might be rocking’ it in a wheel chair or zimmer by then mind……. ?! ;) xXx

  2. 07 Jun

    Julia from ICAWatermelon

    I know what you mean. The images and stories from Syria are absolutely devastating. I’ve been crying a lot over the news.
    If the Queen does make another Jubilee I don’t think she’ll be able to keep up the frenetic pace of lunches, concerts, etc. Must be exhausting for even a younger person!

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