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15 Jan

Samsung Galaxy: Weeks 3-4

Happy New Year and welcome to my first Samsung Galaxy Camera post of 2013!

Frankly, it’s been hard to get some quality time with the camera lately. The weather over Christmas was gray, rainy and uninspiring. Also, I was very busy gorging myself with Christmas pudding and turkey (and taking a break from all things work-related).

For most of these images, I turned to the great outdoors in a mixture of locations. I’m trying to put the camera through its paces and I will hopefully get out into London soon to do an evening shoot with the Galaxy. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these images.

boy dressed as Superman being thrown into the air by father

Taken in Richmond Park. The Galaxy dealt well with the sunshine and strong colours, as well as the fast action.


Seagulls flying above houses, Wimbledon

Taken at a park in Wimbledon on a rare sunny day.


Grey clouds in Brecon, Wales

Taken in Brecon on a cloudy day. The camera lens was zoomed in all the way at 21x and it seemed to deal well. I like the abstract, pastel nature of the clouds.


Mallard duck at twilight

When this image was taken there was very little light around. I was also zoomed in all the way (20x). The focus is good on the duck's eye, but due to its movement and lighting, the image has a slight painterly effect to it.


Close up of hawk taken at Hobbledown

I'm no wildlife photographer, but had a lot of fun taking this and the following shots at Hobbledown. I zoomed in on this hawk and was pretty much taking it with one hand, as I tried to stop my daughter from eating rocks with my other hand.


Otters at Hobbledown

Otters cavorting at Hobbledown


Owls cuddling at Hobbledown

Owls having a cuddle at Hobbledown.


Meerkat at Hobbledown

The meerkats were definitely the most entertaining animal at Hobbledown. Seeing them always makes me want to sing "Hakuna Matata".


White goose flapping its wings

Again, I was taking this image with one hand as Baby tried to eat mud, but I kind of like the cropping anyway. The camera dealt well with the movement.


Goose splashing in water at Hobbledown

The thing I wanted to show you in the image was the clear detail in the water droplets (below).


Water detail of goose splashing

Water detail of above image.

All photos, above, have been shot with the Samsung (Samsung GALAXY Camera), which has been provided by Samsung Electronics. Co., Ltd.

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