06 Aug

REVIEW: Floppeze Nursing Pillow

Today I am posting my first official product review. I’m not planning to do loads of reviews, but I will tell you about products that I find particularly useful.

The lovely people at Bibs and Stuff sent me the Floppeze pillow after it was recommended to me by Clare Byam-Cook. It comes in six patterns, but I chose the cow. I just have a thing for cows, okay?

I’ve been using the pillow for 2 months now and it has become an integral part of my breastfeeding and baby play routine. It follows me around the house, often hanging from my hand by the tail as I juggle baby, bottle and pillow. So I actually think that little tail is a great product feature and not one mentioned in their literature as a selling point.

Before using the Floppeze pillow, I was using a flatter, stiffer pillow that fastened around my back. After seeing Clare, I realised that this perhaps wasn’t the best one to use. The baby was too far down and I had to hunch and bend over to get my nipple into her mouth. Not good for my back at all. The Floppeze pillow raises Baby to a more suitable height, so that she can suck away and I can sit with my shoulders down and back straight. The only minor thing I’d say here is that a back strap would be useful to keep it firmly in place, as sometimes the pillow slides forward a little bit due to the slight shine in the material and I’d have to readjust it. However, this obviously hasn’t bothered me too much because I’m still using this pillow exclusively.

As Baby has gotten older, I’ve also found more uses for it. From four weeks, we started to use it for tummy time. I think when they are that young, some rolled up towels might be better to use because you need something a little firmer, but I can see that, as her arms get longer, I’ll go back to using the Floppeze pillow for tummy play time, perhaps when she reaches 4-5 months.

One thing I like to use it for is to prop Baby up for our daily post-breastfeeding conversations. After I’ve fed and burped her, I move the pillow away from me slightly and sit her so she’s facing me. We then discuss all sorts of stuff, like how she’s not allowed to date until she’s twenty-one and how the original Star Wars are the ONLY Star Wars in our house.

The animal shape of the pillow is also a great feature because I can move it around to support different parts of me or Baby and mould it depending on which breastfeeding chair I am using. The arms of the two chairs I use are at different heights, so sometimes, I put the pillow next to the chair arm and sometimes on top of it, depending on what I need. I have two breastfeeding chairs at my house: one from Ikea and one from Olli Ella. This other Ikea chair is also good for breastfeeding, but, like my gorgeous Olli Ella chair, I couldn’t get it up the stairs.

And, of course, I can use the pillow as an actual pillow for my head, too, which I do when I am playing the Airplane Game or Race Car Game with Baby.

There are other features listed for the pillow for which I have not yet been able to use it, like as a travel pillow for Baby. But I can see that it will be useful for that purpose when she’s older. I have a feeling this pillow is going to be with the Boggios for a very long time.

Overall, I give the Floppeze pillow a 9/10 and it only lost one point because of the fact that it slips a little sometimes. I really like the versatility of the pillow. There are so many things that you can buy for babies that have one use and, when that use is past, the items just sit around gathering dust until number two comes along. We already use this pillow so much that it would easily be worth its £29.50 pricetag. Now, I need to buy an extra cow cover for it because, we use it so much, that I can’t spare a few hours to wash it! That’s gross, isn’t it?

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  1. 08 Aug

    Danielle Rabbat

    I went to a baby shower today and I got the mom-to-be a nursing pillow. I had no idea they came in such cool shapes!

    We miss you on #zombiemoms. Where have you been? Have you been (gasp, jealous), sleeping well?!!?

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