Toddler in swim suit, crying.
07 May

Reasons why my daughter is crying

Everybody is talking about crying babies and it’s all thanks to Greg Pembroke, who started to record the reasons his son was crying on Facebook. This then evolved into a Tumblr site, Reasons My Son is Crying, and then it went viral. As happens these days.

So, over the past month, I decided to record the reasons why Baby was crying. Although we aren’t quite there yet, the Terrible Twos seems to have hit our house early and crying is a regular feature at Casa Boggio (mostly her, sometimes me).

The biggest problem I found with this project is that, when I took the iPhone out to snap the picture, the iPhone then became the reason she was crying. “Ee-eye-oh! Ee-eye-oh!” she would start shouting through her tears, Ee-Eye-Oh being her pet name for the iPhone due to an early Old Macdonald App she used to enjoy.

Anyway, I hope you like these. I know they’ll keep me chuckling for years to come.

Toddler in car seat with pram and lemur

She wants to be holding the toy pram that she's holding.

Toddler in Gap pajamas, crying.

She wants to clip her own nails.

Toddler crying

She wants the iPhone.

Toddler standing on table in Welsh rugby jersey, crying.

She doesn't want to be wearing a Welsh rugby jersey on St George's Day.

Baby holding guitar, crying.

She doesn't want to take a bath. Typical musician.

Toddler crying.

She doesn't want to wear a dress.

Toddler crying in a red jacket

She doesn't want to wear the red jacket.

Toddler in swim suit, crying.

She doesn't want to be wearing a sailor swim suit, sitting on a box or participating in this photo shoot. And she wants the iPhone.


  1. 08 May


    Ha! My 2 year old calls the iPad Biz Bear because of the Nosy Crow Busy Bear story book apps :)

  2. 19 May


    LOL the rugby jersey one made me chuckle

  3. 18 Jun


    this made me chuckle. We are there SO much too. We went through a stage recently when my daughter who i think is a similar age to yours will ONLY wear one of the three london 2012 t shirts she has. ONLY those. Did i cave in?……

    *says under breath* only went and sent the grandmother to the London 2012 shop in John Lewis in London to buy up all the sale stock.

    I have no shame..but i also like to stay sane ;)

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