18 Aug

Born Too Soon

I’ve finally returned home safe and sound from Kilimanjaro. Yippee!

Having a baby too soon is a terrifying experience. One of my best friends had her baby at 27 weeks (he’s now a very healthy 3 year old boy who loves Mater from Cars and all things about trains). One of the focuses of Borne’s research is saving premature babies, a cause that is very close to my heart.

Becky from has kindly shared her story about her son, Frankie, and what happened when he was born too soon. The photo above is of Frankie and his sister now, so there’s definitely a happy ending!


My son Frankie was not considered premature by some measures.

But he certainly wasn’t ready to be born.

He was born at 36 weeks but by emergency section. He had stopped growing inside me (IUGR) and was a teeny tiny 3lb 2oz.


He was whisked away from me as soon as he was born and it was a few hours before I got to hold him again. Heart-breaking times. I wanted to celebrate. I had had my precious boy but he was tiny and frail and fragile and what if..? Even writing this now makes me cry.

I have never cried like that before or since except when my mum died. The thought of losing him just about broke me.

He was in neonatal intensive care for about 6 weeks and then on the ward with me for a few more weeks. The care that was taken of him was incredible. He was fed my milk through a little nasal tube. I had to express 2 hourly to get enough as my milk supply was sparse. They really helped me with this and the nurses helped me battle my exhaustion and focus on feeding him. After about 2 months we came home.

He was still tiny and still frail and I was still scared.

But we were home, we knew what we were doing and I was expressing to a bottle at this point. A short while after being home after expressing on a double pump machine and waking 2 hourly to do so my clever little boy finally latched on and I successfully and happily breast fed him for the next 2 years.

I didn’t go back to work ever. I became a full time writer so I could be at home with him and we had to massively reduce our expenses in life. I didn’t care though I couldn’t leave him. I learnt to budget well and talking about budgeting led me to write and publish a book and become a professional blogger. I get to take my son to school and collect him each day and have the holidays with him. I am an over anxious over protective mother I know..I do try and challenge this in myself but oh I do worry.

I have a sense that life is very fragile and very precious. I feel so blessed my strong 10 year old son stayed.

I am so glad we had the healthcare available we needed.


Please consider making a donation to Borne through my Just Giving Page, so that they can continue with their amazing research to help save babies like Frankie. And remember to enter my competition to win a £2500 by donating £20 and answering the question: With which famous rugby player am I climbing Kilimanjaro?




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