15 Jun

Preggo book round-up: Third Trimester

In the third trimester, I was still keeping Amazon in business with my knowledge-buying habit. At this point, I was interested in finding out more specific information about the kind of birth I wanted to have (water birth using hypnobirthing techniques).

Also, we had focussed so much energy on learning what happens in a small 4-72 hour time slot, that I wanted to find out more about what happens next. How do I breastfeed? How do I wipe Abdul’s bottom properly? How do I get her to sleep? And most importantly, how do I handle a tantrum in the supermarket?

Water Birth Book – They say hindsight is 20/20. Well, as it turned out, I didn’t need this book (my birth story part 1,2,and 3), but it did actually have lots of great information in it, both about water birthing and birth in general. I’ve come to realise that the reason we read these books and go to NCT is because we’re preparing for the unknown. We just want to know as much information as we can gather, so that we can handle whatever our birth experience throws at us. This book is sadly out of print, but someone at your NCT might have a copy or you may be able to track one down on the Internet.

Hypnobirthing – Knowing hypnobirthing techniques is good for any kind of birth, not just natural births. I used visualisation to help picture my cervix dilating and my baby delivering safely. In my mind, I was trying to avoid a C-section by giving my cervix a bit of mental back-up. I would also recommend getting some hynobirthing CDs to practice and they are good for relaxing pre-birth.

Baby Secrets – My friend Penny gave me this book and another friend told me it was her bible for figuring out what to do once she actually had the baby. I’m going to do a whole separate blog post on this book, so I won’t say too much here. But it’s a good un! Written very simply and clearly.

Kidwrangling – Everybody needs a book on childrearing written by an Australian comedienne. I haven’t finished reading it yet, but so far, it’s definitely entertaining and there is actually some good advice in there, too. You’ve also got to love a book that counts “They look kind of Star Trekky” as a good thing about babies. This book came highly recommended by readers of this blog, which is why I bought it.

How Not to F*ck Them Up – I bought this for James to read. I thought that he’d be more likely to read it if there was a swear word in the title. I was wrong.


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  1. 15 Jun

    Howdies in Bangkok

    After birth the best book is What To Expect The First Year! Good luck ;)

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