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14 May

Preggo book round up: Second trimester

Ah! The golden second trimester. The time when you excitedly watch your bump grow and actually start to look pregnant. For me, it was when my worst symptoms, nausea, food avoidance and heightened sense of smell, actually started to dissipate. It was nice to eat something other than homemade chicken soup.

I also started thinking more about the birth process and about taking good care of myself, so that Abdul would reap the benefits. In fact, I think it may be the healthiest period of my life (don’t worry – that all went to pot at the end of the third trimester when I developed a strong craving for ice cream).

Here are the books that I found useful during the second trimester:

The Babymoon ExperienceA lady in my yoga class recommended this book to me, saying it was the only book I’d need to read (obviously, she didn’t know about my penchant for buying knowledge). This book is written by an NCT counsellor and psychologist and talks about the vital 6 weeks after birth, when mothers need time to heal and to bond with the baby. It gave me a good overview of what to expect in the time just leading up to and after the birth. Also, it’s one of the few non-fiction books that I read cover-to-cover (that is, I didn’t just dip in and out to find out what I needed to know).  Highly recommend this one.

Ina May’s Guide to ChildbirthOn the recommendation of my reflexologist, I bought this book early on in the first trimester and started to read it. I didn’t get more than 10 pages in. The reason for this is that it starts out with page after page of positive birth stories and, eventually, you start to feel a bit like “yeah yeah yeah. I get it. Birth is great.” When I told my reflexologists this, she said, “Oh, you just need to skip to the second half on page 127.” Now you tell me! This is definitely a second trimester read and was the best book I read to prepare me for a natural birth. I also made James read some of it, so that he’d be prepared for what was happening, too.

The Big Book of Juices and SmoothiesOn my second trimester appointment, my nutritionist recommended I start juicing fruits and vegetables. She recommended this book and I bought a Matstone juicer (which also does pasta). Being as busy as we were at this time, James and I didn’t even take the juicer out of the box until well towards the end of my third trimester. I regret this. First, the juices are yummy and, second, they are packed with nutrition that’s good for baby. Get one; read the instruction manual; and make juice now!

Yoga for PregnancyHere was another well-intentioned purchase. I started doing yoga classes in my second trimester, which I highly recommend, so I thought I’d buy a book so I could do it at home. The only issue is that I hate following along books for this kind of stuff. I could never figure out when and how I was supposed to breathe (the instructor always tells you on the course). I should have bought a DVD instead. So the point here is: do yoga in the second trimester either from a book, classes or DVD. If you have any recommendations, please do write them in the comments below.


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