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25 Apr

Packing my hospital bag

At about 5 weeks and counting until D-Day, I happened to mention on Twitter that I hadn’t yet packed my hospital bag. Boy, did I get it in the neck, with many women telling me their babies came early and I’d better pack a.s.a.p. (also got some good advice on what to pack). So I promised my followers that I would indeed pack my bag that very day.

A week later, I still haven’t packed it.

I’ve heard many stories of people packing and re-packing their hospital bag and I’m not quite sure why I’m not feeling the same ecstasy of apprehension that drives other preggos to pack at 20 weeks. Perhaps it’s because I just don’t like packing in general. I always wait until the last minute when I’m going on holiday; James gets really infuriated when it’s 1am and we need to get up at 6am to get to the airport.

Or maybe it’s because I think it will give me something to do when I go into labour. From what I hear, there’s a lot of time to kill before you even go to the hospital and having a task to occupy me would be a good thing.

Or perhaps it’s because packing the bag will suddenly make it all very real. There’s a little baby coming! Let’s get ready to rumble.

Anyway, James also seems quite keen for me to pack it. So I promise I will. Today.



  1. 25 Apr


    I didn’t pack my bag until 2 days before due date. I packed so much it was ridiculous. My sister went into labour at 35 weeks and didn’t have her bags packed so I had to make a mad dash to M&S and Boots! We laugh about it now :-)

  2. 25 Apr


    And if you’re not packed when you go into labour then it won’t be the end of the world.

    Why do folk with good intentions inflict their stressors and priorities on others?

  3. 27 Apr


    I had a friend who’s wife never packed for hospital. She gave birth in the living room on their white wool carpet. Needless to say there was an insurance claim involved.

  4. 27 Apr


    If you don’t pack your hospital bag, the hospital STILL let you in to have the baby, they are good that way ;)

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