Flat bear vs 3d bear
10 Apr

Our new teddy bear, Roadkill

Today, we were exhibiting at the Bump and Beyond baby show at Kempton Park. At almost 34 weeks pregnant, I really wanted to stand on my feet all day while looking longingly at the sunshine outside. But, hey, that’s what happens when you own your own business.

We met loads of lovely new and expecting parents, many who are giving or have given birth at Kingston Hospital. I have yet to hear a bad word said about the place, which makes me feel good about my upcoming stay there.

Of course, I couldn’t help but wander around the show with my new mum hat on. I bought some newborn sunglasses, met a woman who’s going to be on Theo Paphitis’ new show Britains’ Next Big Thing with her pram sun blocker, and I bought a flat teddy bear.

A flat teddy bear, you ask? Yes, a flat teddy bear. Something about the cute little fellow called to me as I walked past the Small World Kids stand. I stopped to look at the basket of teddy bears that looked like they’d had the stuffing knocked right out of them. I picked one up. Hmmm. Soft. The owner, Simone, looked at me a bit strangely as I started rubbing the flat bear against my face. Well, I needed to see how it would feel against Abdul’s skin, didn’t I?

I bought a cream-coloured bear, noted the washing instructions (as I had already rubbed my make-up on this one), and went back to our stand to show James my wonderful new purchase.

Let’s just say, he wasn’t immediately as enamoured with the flat bear as I was. In fact, he named him “Roadkill” and then started polling parents who came to our stand about what they thought about him.

I think there is a long list of benefits of a flat bear versus a plain old 3-D bear:

1. The baby can lie on it without it feeling lumpy.
2. It takes up less space in luggage and nursing bags.
3. You save on the stuffing.

I’m still working on the list, but I’m sure there are more reasons to go flat.

Anyway, Roadkill has now joined our growing pile of stuffed animals that I just can’t help buying for Abdul. Coming soon: flat Tinky Winky and Flat Bagpuss. Just watch – they’ll be the next big thing in Britain.



  1. 11 Apr

    Birgitte Lydum

    Ha ha – I love the name Roadkill :-D I’ll never be able to look at my daughter’s flat bunny the same way again!

    Thanks for the mention Julia – wish me luck!

    Birgitte x


  2. 12 Apr


    There are actual plush roadkill toys which I thought were quite cool in a sick way (has guts coming out of it) but thought maybe Ava would pick up actual roadkill from the road not knowing the difference!! http://shop.ebay.co.uk/items/__roadkill+toys_W0QQ_dmdZ2?rvr_id=224541718330&crlp=6041880277_228459_228459&UA=%3F*S%3F&GUID=b1dbc3fa12c0a0aa18131143fcdd836b&agid=1851672157&tm_kw=roadkill+toys&siteid=3&MT_ID=10&tt_encode=raw&keyword=roadkill+toys&geo_id=21&ff4=228459_228459

  3. 12 Apr


    Oh fabulous! I must do a search for the authentic roadkill bears. I sarcastically suggested that Julia should sew some red wool on to the side of Roadkill. I had no idea that there was money to be made from it! Genius.

  4. 12 May

    R Spiegel

    Yay! We got one of these as a gift, and I have never seen anyone else with one before. I think they are the cutest.

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