27 Mar

Our little Abdul

Before we even start thinking of actual names for the baby, expectant parents feel the need to nickname their new creation. Anything sounds better than “It”. The most common one I’ve seen is “The Bean” because at the first scan, that’s what it looks like. Another I’ve heard is “Sac Magique”.

We named ours Abdul. Seeing as how the baby was conceived in Egypt, we thought it would be apt to name our bean after one of the guys we liked at the hotel. Unconventional, yes, but that’s just how we roll.

Having tried for so long, we decided to announce to our parents pretty much straight away that we were pregnant. Thank heavens for Skype! We introduced the baby as Abdul and now everyone refers to it by that name. Our studio manager has also added the surname “Bohewoodshire” because it’s an amalgamation of all the studio employees’ surnames. So now our bean is called Abdul Bohewoodshire – quite a mouthful.

What did you name your bean?


  1. 04 Apr

    cara @ lillian and leonard

    Ours were Widdle and Puke. I still call them that sometimes.

  2. 04 Apr


    Banana. Because at some point a What to expect iPhone app told me it was the size of banana and one of my friends started to call him that :)

    Now that he’s nearly 2 months, we call him a little monster.

  3. 04 Apr


    Ours is The Midget. For once, it’s not me being called that!

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