Watermelon 2
04 Nov

One month, one post per day

In a moment of madness, I decided to take part in the Brit Mums’ National Blog Posting Month, or NaBloPoMo for short. The idea is that I will post on my blog once every day in the month of November.

Well, here we are, four days in, and my success is already looking tenuous. First of all, my posts on the first and second were guest posts, so I’m not sure those count. In my defence, I wrote the intro and I edited them. Whether or not they count officially, I consider them to be valid. It’s content, after all.

And now, it’s 15 minutes to midnight and I’m trying to squeeze one in before Cinderella has to go home.

So, I thought I’d post this picture that we took on Monday of Baby and me at the Purple Dragon Halloween party. Get it – I’m carrying a watermelon! It’s just a bit of fun and it makes me smile. Note to self: buy more chunky necklaces.


  1. 05 Nov

    Lucy at Dear Beautiful Boy

    Baby makes a VERY cute watermelon. That is a seriously fab costume.

    Oh and I reckon that guest posts count. I asked and the general impression was that if you’ve written an intro and edited it then it counts. I hope so anyway, because I use a guest post every Friday. And if it doesn’t count then I’ve already failed. Ooops!


  2. 05 Nov

    Julia from ICAWatermelon

    Great, Lucy! Solidarity!!! Jx

  3. 06 Nov


    Loving your work! Very inspirational :)

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