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03 Feb

Nicola’s Story: The Side Effects of Pregnancy

I remember the final weeks before giving birth. Everything became a little bit harder, my body suddenly seemed to balloon, and I tried to use the Power of the Force to will Baby into the locked and loaded position. For Nicola, it’s all about itchy skin and cankles. Don’t worry, Nicola – you’re almost there!


OK, where have they gone? I’m sure yesterday I had ankles.

I think my Mum jinxed me. When we met up in town to have lunch together, after not seeing each other for a while, she had commented about how I seemed to be holding water in my legs. Holding water in my legs? What are you on about?

Then as if it just happened over night, my legs had no shape to them anymore. From thigh to ankle, they looked like milky coloured tree stumps sticking out of my shoes. If that wasn’t bad enough, why have I started walking like my Nan? It’s as if I need to rock from side to side when walking anywhere. Weebles have nothing on me!

For some reason I still feel like I am the same person I was before I got pregnant and I can do all the things I did before. I found out this wasn’t the case when I walked from my house to the train station. I didn’t take off at the same speed and my legs really started to ache.

The next day I tried to walk around B&Q, as we were decorating the nursery, but I couldn’t keep up with my Husband and had to ask him to slow down. I also sounded like an 80-year-old with my breathing. But the worst was still the pains in my legs.

That evening, whilst I relaxed watching TV, I felt like I couldn’t keep my legs still. If I stopped moving them then they felt really uncomfortable and they would sort of jump on their own. If I kept them moving then it didn’t feel too bad.

In bed something else started which I didn’t expect. It felt like there were ants running all over my tummy. I couldn’t stop itching. It was that bad that I felt like I could scratch my skin off so at 3.30am I ran a bath in case I had dust on me or something from the decorating (funny what things you make up in your head).

In the bath my skin felt a lot better, but I think that had something to do with half of a £20 bottle of Bio Oil being poured onto the itchy area. The minute I got back into bed and started thinking about it again, the itching started.

This went on for about a week before I went to the doctors. He prescribed an itch cream and said I would have to wear support stockings (attractive) but I would do anything to make my pegs feel better.

Sure enough the itching passed, but only if I bathe morning and night, followed by Bio Oil. As for my legs, they are still the same. I can’t walk for a long period of time (thank goodness for internet shopping) and, if I do push it, then it’s restless legs for me all evening.

These things are soon forgotten about though as I count down the weeks until I see my Baby Boy. Every stretch mark, pain and itch is nothing compared to that feeling and something I would go through all over again.

P.S Don’t get me started on the heart burn!

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