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20 Apr

Nicola’s Story: The Birth of Baby

Here it is! The post you’ve all been waiting for. Nicola and her Husband finally have their lovely little boy. Below is the story of his birth. Soon after the dramatic birth, Nicola and her whole family travelled all the way down to the studio from Birmingham for a photo shoot. I hope you’ll all join me in wishing her the best of luck on her journey of motherhood.


It had been decided that baby was going to be born by C section only a couple of weeks before I was due. I was given a date this was going to happen and it was the day after my due date. All of a sudden I was petrified. I don’t like the unknown and I had no idea how this was going to feel.

I went online to do my research and read a lot of very positive and calming stories about them, which helped a little with nerves and before I knew it I was waking up the morning of the procedure, carrying my bags down the stairs, knowing that in a few hours I was going to meet my Son.

I thought by getting to the hospital early meant that I would be seen first. Uh, no! Doesn’t quite work like that, but the good news was there was only three of us on the list to have sections that day and, providing there were no emergencies, we should all be holding our babies by midday.

I was third on the list and sat patiently on an empty (apart from the six of us, including Husbands) ward watching the Women before me being called one by one and then there was just my Husband and me. I knew the next time the Doctor came in it was to escort me to the operating theatre and no sooner had that thought entered my head than I heard “I’m really scared” exit my mouth and my Husband say, “You’ll be OK”.

We were being handed our gowns and told to dress for theatre. Extreme caution was taken here as one false tie at the back could mean the difference between the walk to the theatre room turning into the walk of shame or not! Once in my gown I was being told to sit on the edge of the bed and lean over.

“Don’t you dare pull any faces!!” I warned my Husband, as he’s far from expressionless. I had visions of them bringing out the spinal equipment on their little stainless steel tray, my Husband seeing it and me seeing the Whites of his eyes in horror so the warning had to be given, as I was scared enough without seeing that. I reached for his hand, petrified that the spinal was going to be excruciating and before I knew it, it was over. The one part I had been the most scared about and it was fine. The needle in the back of my hand hurt more.

“Was it big?” “I bet the needle was HUGE wasn’t it?” “I was really brave wasn’t I?” It was OK for me to ask these questions now it was over.

This warm feeling and pins and needles started travelling down my legs. I was assisted in swinging my legs onto the bed and said to my Husband that I could still wiggle my toes. “They had better not start yet because look, I can still move them.” He looks towards the end of the bed and replied, “Um, no you can’t.” I would have put money on it that I was moving them.

It is a very surreal feeling because you can feel ‘something’. When they were moving my legs and cleaning my skin down in preparation, I could feel where they were but only because the pins and needles would be more intense in that area.

The Doctor that had administered my spinal now had a spray can in her hand and she sprayed this ice cold burst onto my ribs to show me how cold it was. “I’m going to spray this below your waist. When you start to feel that cold burst that you just felt, then let me know,” she said. I could hear the spray, but I couldn’t feel it until the top of my thigh so they tried again in two minutes. I then couldn’t feel anything and the Doctor said they could begin.

I was warned beforehand not to look in to the lights above me as I might see them performing the procedure and panic, so I looked at my Husband. “I’m so scared,” I tell him and I just want to repeat it over and over again to take my mind off what they were doing, a bit like putting your fingers in your ears and shouting “I can’t hear you, la la la la la” as a child. Now and then he would turn his head and look at what they were doing. This was unbelievable for someone that can’t even watch One Born Every Minute, but he said when you know YOUR Son is about to enter the world, it’s different and it just looked like they were routing around in a hole in my tummy. Nice!

Another Doctor, who was the other side of the Blue screen in front of my face, said I was about to feel some pulling and pushing and not to worry. It was then that the top half of me looked like something out of the exorcist. I was moving from left to right, up and down like a crazy Woman. I asked my Husband, with a nervous laugh, what on Earth was happening down there. He looked past the screen to find out….and then I heard it.

This tiny little whimper, not even a cry, came from the other side of the screen. I looked at my Husband and said, “Is that him?” He looked at me with tears in his eyes and said “yes”. They were cleaning him, telling me how gorgeous he was and I couldn’t crane my neck high enough to see over the screen. Then I saw the Nurse carrying this bundle towards me and smiling. My Son was placed on my chest, as I had requested skin to skin, and he was perfect. “We have waited a long time for you,” I said looking at his beautiful face as he gripped my finger.  My heart just melted and this protective feeling washed over me.

I started to get a pain in my shoulder, so he was handed to my husband and the two of them left to go to the recovery area to wait for me while I was being stitched up. I wanted them to work faster, so I could be with my Son, feeling it was wrong that he was already away from me.

Before I knew it I was being pushed into the recovery area and my Husband was placing our Son back onto my chest. I couldn’t believe how perfect he was and how much love I felt for him. I wanted to keep kissing him, but realised this could actually start annoying him quite quickly if I did, so I just stared at him instead.

Pictures were then sent to family and friends to let them know he was here safely and I was wheeled onto the ward. Unfortunately, you weren’t allowed visitors past 8pm so my Husband had to leave when the time came. I remember thinking how cruel this was as my Husband wanted to be with his new Son just as much as I did and how horrible it must have felt to go home that night, on your own.

It was then just the two of us.

He had been inside me for months and now I was lying here looking at him. Hours had passed but I had dreamt of this moment for years and it was finally reality. I held his tiny hand in mine and looked at his tiny nails. I watched his little chest going up and down and listened to the tiny breaths he was taking. He gripped my finger again and tears fell down my face. I just couldn’t believe how lucky we are to have him here and I know I will do everything in my power to protect him.

His name is Noah and he is my Son.


  1. 20 Apr

    Ali Lovegrove

    Ahhhhhh Nicola I love this so much, you and Michael look so proud and Noah looks amazing in his first of many shoots!! SO much love for all three of you, congratulations again for the millionth time! Your story is phenomenal and I am so so elated for the best happy ever after :) xx

  2. 20 Apr


    sob sob sob. What a beautiful end to one story and fantastic beginning of an even more exciting, emotional and happy/challenging one to come. xxx

  3. 20 Apr

    Roz & Severin

    PS I love the name :)

  4. 20 Apr


    What a wonderful happy everafter for a very beautiful friend. The pictures are wonderful Nic xxx

  5. 20 Apr

    Amma // Beyond Beyond

    Just more happy for you than words on a blog can express. Much love to you xxx

  6. 20 Apr

    Heidi (Giddy Kipper)

    Oh Nicola! I have just had a big old sob reading that!! I remember having conversations with you when you were newly pregnant and now he’s here and I’m a blubbing mess!
    He is absolutely gorgeous – you must be very proud (and relieved!) parents. The photos are beautiful. So thrilled that you got your happy ending
    Love to you all *sniff*
    Heidi xxx
    (ps Noah is a fabulous name…Charlie was almost a Noah, it’s now his middle name)

  7. 20 Apr



  8. 21 Apr


    Wow I am in bits reading this! I’ve been waiting for this having followed your story from the beginning, what a happy ending congratulations! Noah is absolutely beautiful xx

  9. 10 May


    I just want to thank everyone so much for all the support you have given and the time you take to leave comments. It means so much xxx

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