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21 Jan

Nicola’s Story: the 4D Scan

When I was pregnant with Baby, James and I considered getting a 4D scan, but changed our minds when a friend showed us hers. I thought it looked a bit like Gollum from Lord of the Rings and I didn’t want to start having nightmares about giving birth to Andy Serkis. On the next one, I might do it – but only because I want to check out the umbilical cord. When I gave birth to Baby, it became apparent that her umbilical cord had not one, but two knots in it, which pulled tight as she burst free into the world. I wonder if we’d have been able to see it on a 4D scan. 

Anyway, back to Nicola! After NOT finding out the sex of their baby at their 20 week scan, Nicola books in for a 4D scan as a present for her Husband. So will it be pink or blue…?


I originally wanted the 4D scan to be one of my Husband’s birthday presents and it was and he loved it, but secretly I couldn’t wait either. At our 20 week scan he nearly decided to find out what the sex was, but decided not to after the Lady was a bit abrupt.

I was determined that wasn’t going to happen this time and we were going to find out if it was pink or blue flavoured – until the Husband announced that he was no longer sure if he wanted to know. Argh!

I remember reading the notes the company doing the 4D scan sent me and it states that drinking a fizzy sweet drink and eating chocolate before hand can make the baby a bit more active. Now, I didn’t think I needed to do this because baby is quite active anyway, but hey, a dancing baby would be great to see.

Whilst being driven there by my Husband, I enjoy my Maltesers and diet coke. We walk into the waiting room and read through the consent form just stating they can’t guarantee the baby’s position, etc. They ask if we want to know the sex and without hesitation or a look towards my Husband, I say yes!! Then we are called into the room with the dimmed lights and calming music.

The scan started as the normal black and white scans you get at the hospital just so the Doctor can see the position of the baby. Then it changes to an orange glow and all of a sudden you can see features. Lips, hands, eyes, nostrils and I can’t believe we are seeing something that is inside me so clearly.

There was one problem with the scan. Baby had its face in the wall of my womb and these things work by having enough fluid between baby and the scanner. It wasn’t very clear at all but one thing we did see was the baby pushing the cord away from its face when it tickled whilst passing by.

Luckily we were invited back for a second scan because the first one was so unclear. So, two weeks later we were doing this all over again. Baby had to be co-operative now, right? Wrong. This time it decided to put its foot in its eye and sit like that for the whole scan. No prodding or walking would make it change positions so we could only see half its face.

My conclusion on 4D scans: they are potentially amazing if the baby is in the right position. It was fantastic seeing my baby all squished up and moving its hands and face. It was very surreal!!

Oh and I forgot to mention, we are having a little Boy!! If being blessed with a baby wasn’t enough, my Husband gets to have a Boy for his first born. The smile on his face when the Doctor said “It is very clearly a Boy” was heart warming. For someone who didn’t want to know what the sex was walking in to the waiting room, you could certainly now see the proud expression on his face when showing his Mum the scan picture and saying, “This is my Son.”


  1. 22 Jan


    Great news and something to remember (I don’t need an excuse for the chocolate though)!

  2. 24 Jan


    Awww what a lovely update! Congratulations – sounds like a beautiful moment for you and your H, and clearly baby is already a funny and determined little boy! xx

  3. 24 Jan


    Yaaay! Congratulations! How lovely. xx

  4. 11 Feb


    Just made me fill up, congratulations on the blue bump x

  5. 23 Feb

    Adrian Arnell Photography

    i went to one of these it was amazing

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