27 Oct

Nicola’s Story: the 20-week scan

It’s the 20-week scan and you know what that means…finding out what sex the baby is! Or not. In our NCT group, we had 4 people who found out and 4 people who didn’t. Personally, I was so convinced Abdul was a boy. I just wanted to know what colour to paint the nursery. In the end, we found out just before Christmas and gave all our parents cards that said, “It’s a girl!” inside. So, the question is, what is Nicola having?

PLEASE NOTE: If you are Nicola’s husband, please do not read this post. I mean it. Not for you! Shoo!


You know you are pregnant when….

In the bath, a tap is no longer a tap. It’s also the tool used to help you up from the lying position.

To pick something up off the floor, it’s easier to get in to the squatting position, with legs either side of the bump.

You don’t dare stretch out your legs in bed in fear that cramp kicks in and you can’t put them back to the foetal position you were last in.

Milk is a necessity. This is quickly replaced with something that looks like milk. Gaviscon!

When people are laughing and joke that a little wee just came out, for me it’s usually the case.

Getting up off the floor looks like you are performing a version of ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes’… in reverse.

You try and kid yourself that you can get into your pre-pregnancy jeans and just not do them up. FAIL.

You are slathering the Bio Oil on by the bucket load. Why won’t this itching stop?


My 20 week scan is today and the Husband is very excited, as am I. Heading to the hospital I ask him, “Are you sure you don’t want to know what flavour we are having?”

“Nope,” he replies, “I want a surprise. I know it’s a boy anyway.”

I purposely booked an early appointment because the last time I walked into the ultrasound waiting room, it was rammed full of pregnant ladies looking very frustrated with a sign on the wall that read ‘Up to 2 hours wait’.

Our slot was at 8.50am and there were plenty of seats available, so this was a good start. Then I realised I had been for a wee that morning and not drunk any fluids since! You are told to come with a full bladder. I spot a water fountain and was starting my first cup of ice-cold water while the Husband was being so helpful by saying, “Ready for the next one? We don’t want to be refused the scan.”

Three cups down and we are called in. My bladder is full enough and the abnormality checks get underway. Brain, heart, fingers, toes and other body parts are checked. It is fascinating to watch and my Husband and I just stare in amazement.

The Lady conducting the scan wasn’t the most patient of people and was clearly bored of doing this day in and day out, either that or she was very keen to clear the nearly empty waiting room. While going over the final checks I notice my Husband’s eyes watching one place and one place only, the bottom half of the baby. The place where the ‘bits’ would be.

She does a final once over and he thinks he sees something. Something floating right there, between the baby’s legs. His eyes light up but I explain that it could be the cord.

I ask him, “Are you sure you don’t want to know?” I see him waver and he smiles at me ready to say something when I hear to my right in an impatient tone, “If you want to know, I’d hurry up before it’s too late. Do you want to know????”

Instantly my Husband clammed up and the reply was, “No, it’s OK.” But I could see the disappointment on his face. I wiped my belly down and we left to go and pay for the scan picture.

While I am then waiting for bloods to be taken, my Husband is left staring at the scan picture. He is convinced he is having a Boy and wished he had found out when he had the chance. It’s too late now, that was our last scan so I explained he would now find out when the baby is born.

For days later (and even now) my Husband regrets not finding out. So I’ll let you in on a little secret. It’s his birthday at the beginning of November and I’ve booked us in to have a 4D scan. We get pictures, a CD and a whole 20 minutes of scanning. Here he can feel relaxed enough to find out what flavour it is, which I think will probably be the case.

More importantly, the baby gets to be a part of his birthday, too, and for a guy that never asks for anything, I think he will be over the moon with his surprise.


  1. 27 Oct

    Hannah Webster

    Aww, that’s so lovely. What a fab birthday pressie! x

  2. 28 Oct

    Amy Georgina

    Aww, that’s a brilliant idea! I didn’t find out I was pregnant until I was 29 weeks, I was desperate to know what we were having but the baby was just too big and had its legs crossed when I went for a scan – boooo! Next time I definitely want to find out! We were blessed with a beautiful girl, despite being convinced I was having a boy!

  3. 28 Oct


    What a lovely present for him x

  4. 28 Oct

    Michelle Simas

    What a lovely suprise for your husband, he will love it. We have had a 4scan and its amazing x

  5. 03 Nov


    Aw, what a lovely piece – again! I really enjoy these updates and hope your Husband enjoys his surprise present, how exciting! xx

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