12 week scan
16 Sep

Nicola’s Story: The 12-week scan

Every parent remembers their first scan (or what’s supposed to be the first scan if you can wait 12 weeks. James and I crumpled at 7 and went for a private scan). In many ways, the early scans are the best ones, where you can see the whole baby in the ray of the ultrasound. Towards the end, we were paying for pictures of the baby’s foot. Here’s an update from Nicola on how her little one is doing. 


Where is the bump?? I need something to prove this is real. I look in the mirror and there is nothing there. OK, I’m flattering myself. A bump does seem to have appeared, but this was just after my 18th Birthday and it went hand in hand with my mum warning me that “eating all that junk will catch up with you”. It seems to have done so, but unfortunately I can’t pass it off as a baby just yet.

My 12-week scan is today and even though I had a scan at 7 weeks, I am still nervous to see if my baby is okay. Things change, I’ve known it to happen, and I’ve read the stories.

I’m back in the hospital that perforated my womb and really not keen to be here. The waiting room is in need of a lick of paint and the rows of chairs are empty before my Husband and I sit down. Then our names are called and I am told to lie on the bed, lift my top and warned the gel is gong to be cold on my waiting belly.

The scanner is pushed down onto my belly and I start to see the shape of my baby. It is rolling over in there, looking like I do when I am unable to get a comfy position in bed. It won’t stay still for long enough to measure the nuchal translucency (the measurement they take on the back of the neck for Down Syndrome).

Forty-five minutes later they are still chasing the baby around trying to take measurements and then wait! It’s fallen asleep and while doing this, drops its chin to its chest, also making it impossible to get an accurate reading. I find myself laughing and not bothered that the scan isn’t going to plan (in their eyes). Here they decide it is the best time to take a picture.

She asks me cough to try and wake it up and I do as she says. The baby jumps so hard and looks directly to where the scanner is on my belly, as if saying, “What on earth do you think you are doing, woman? I was sleeping!”

The lady scanning me now also thinks it is funny, but graciously gives up, offering me a blood test as another option to Down Syndrome testing and asks me to wait outside while she comments on my notes.

I sit there with my husband and notice a couple are in and out of their scan in the 5 minutes I am waiting there and I chuckle again to my Husband about how naughty our baby was, just the way we liked it.

I am called to the counter and offered a photo for £5. I buy it and can’t believe how much it has grown and changed since my last scan. Again, I leave the hospital staring at the picture looking at my perfect baby and say to my Husband “Damn, it’s good looking, isn’t it?”


If you haven’t read Nicola’s amazing story, then you can read part one of eight by clicking here. She’ll be giving us updates every couple weeks or so on how she’s getting on.


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  1. 16 Sep

    charlie-cherry pie lane

    awww, really lovely nicola!! you have a beautiful little pic of mini DW xxx

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