19 Jul

Nicola’s Story Part 5

When we last saw Nicola, she was getting ready to have her eggs collected for her first round of IVF. James and I had tried one round of IVF, only to have the cycle cancelled just before we got to this stage. My ovaries were over-stimulated. Let’s see what happens to Nicola…


I absolutely love being put to sleep! This might sound weird to some but to me it is the most relaxing feeling ever. Perhaps I should try Yoga to weigh up my options?

We had raced to the hospital an hour before my appointment with my Husband’s sperm in the pot they had become accustomed to. I was sitting on another hospital bed, backless gown on, waiting to be taken into theatre. Today I find out how many eggs I produced, as they will be taking them out. From what I have been told by my Doctor, the procedure sounded simple enough. They go in with a dildo-cam while watching it all happen on a monitor. At the end of the dildo-cam is a needle, which gets inserted into every follicle in the hope that it is withdrawing an egg.

I am firstly greeted by the anesthetist who explains what is going to happen next and gets me to sign a consent form. Then a Nurse appears round the curtain to escort me into the theatre room. The first thing that hits me is the cold. It is freezing in there and I think to myself that I must ask why that is (I don’t). I am told to lie on the bed while a nurse is undoing me at the back. A sharp scratch in the back of the hand and I am ready to be put to sleep. The white liquid is being injected and I suddenly feel like what I am seeing isn’t really happening. I can see them walking around, talking but I don’t care. I’m in a dream world and I feel good!

I wake up back in my bed in the room I just left. My procedure was over and I was being asked if I wanted tea and toast. Never one to turn down a free meal, I accepted. On the next visit I am told they managed to get 15 eggs. Woohoo, check me and my ovaries out!!  We weren’t out of the woods yet though. They had to fertilise with my Husbands sperm now. What if that had been the problem all along? I wasn’t going to find out until the morning.


8.30am and my mobile is ringing. Withheld number but I know it’s the hospital. “Good news” the voice on the other end of the phone says. “12 of the eggs fertilised.” I could have cried with relief. Two months of appointments and injecting paid off but like I said, it could still go wrong at any time.

Two days after that I was back in, this time to have my embryos put in. Because this was my first time and they don’t like to increase the risk of twins, the hospital decided that they are going to put one back. I wanted two, but didn’t get any choice, as it was an NHS cycle so it was up to them. Good thing was I get to freeze some, too! Back I was in the same room being put to sleep again. Now, this isn’t normal protocol. This procedure usually happens while the patient is awake as it is the exact same procedure as the IUI, but putting them further in. As you know, that didn’t work out for me, so it was decided they should conduct the procedure while I was asleep to make it less traumatic.

I wake up and my first thought is our baby is on board. I felt like buying one of those signs with the suckers that people buy for their cars and sticking it on my belly because this was it for us! We were pregnant! OK, this was my positive thinking working overtime as I wouldn’t actually know for two weeks, but I wasn’t hurting anyone.

I get home and straight on the forum I go to tell them that was it, it was in and there was nothing more I could do apart from taking it easy.  I was obviously met with so much support and love and lots of best wishes and baby dust.

This was the longest two weeks of my life! There was only so much daytime TV a person can watch before going mad. Where on Earth do they get those Jeremy Kyle people? That’s it; I’m going back to work to keep my mind off it. It worked and the days went by much faster. Before I know it, it’s the day before my official test date given to me by the hospital and I have the urge to test. Stuff it, what’s the worst that can happen. While at work, I go to the toilet and pee on the stick. I go back to my office and sit and wait for a line to appear. Nothing appears.

Disappointment isn’t anywhere close to what I’m feeling right now. I’m obviously never destined to have Children. My poor Husband married me and I can’t even give him Children. I pick the test up and go to throw it in the bin and I see something. A line. No, it can’t be as it’s too faint. I’m just seeing things. I hold it up to the light and definitely see something there. I call my Husband who joins me shortly. He can see it too. My eyes fill with tears and my Husband’s do, too. Could we be pregnant?


  1. 19 Jul


    Oh I really, really hope that it was a line!!!

  2. 19 Jul


    Aaggh I need to know what happens next – now please! So well told, I have really enjoyed hearing about Nicola’s journey x

  3. 19 Jul


    Can’t wait till the next instalment. It’s giving so much hope :)

  4. 19 Jul


    Considering I know the story I still want the next instalment! It’s like watching the film first and knowing the story but the book is always much better. x x

  5. 19 Jul

    charlie-cherry pie lane

    WAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! :-) xxxxxx

  6. 01 Aug


    Ohh pleasebe pregnant!

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