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07 Jul

Nicola’s Story Part 2

You can read the first part here.

Again, IUI is meant to be a very simple procedure and I think I am an exception to the rule here. I was required to carry on taking Clomid, but this time my Husband was required to give a sperm sample around the time that my ovaries look good enough to release an egg or two.

Even though I had been pulled and prodded for the last year, I felt so bad for my Husband having to do this. Some people reading this may think “Why? Especially when you have had to do so much on your own?” This just seemed so unnatural to me. He had two choices: 1) to come in when needed to produce a sample at the hospital or 2)  to take a pot home, do the deed there, and then get it to them within an hour, keeping the sample warm.

I went in for the dildo-cam and we were given the nod to have the procedure the next day. My Husband takes the pot with his name and date of birth on and we head to the car, talking about anything but what happens next. The next day arrives and the alarm has been set an hour and a half earlier than what our appointment time is. While I get ready my husband has the unnatural job of putting his sample in the pot. I think you know how this is done without me going into detail.

It is now my job to be the human hot water bottle while my Husband races us to the hospital within the hour time frame. We arrive and we hand the sample to the nurse who confirms the details and gets us to sign a disclaimer whilst letting us know the risks of what is to come.

The next part is very clever. They wash the sperm! They actually separate the good sperm from the ‘damaged’ sperm, so only the best are going on the egg hunt. Great news for me as this means no bum elevating for the stupid ones going the wrong way. With my Husband completing his part, it’s now my turn.

I enter the darkened room; I am told to remove everything below the waste and to lie on the bed. I can see the syringe with the sperm in and it is attached to this long tube. It is explained to me that they are going to insert a catheter into my cervix and release the sperm the other side. Legs akimbo, the speculum (the device they use for smears) is inserted and opened. All good so far! They reach for the syringe with the catheter attached and start to insert it into my cervix. I can see she is struggling, but persists anyway.

I indicate to her that it is feeling a bit uncomfortable now and she explains it’s as if something is stopping her from being able to insert it all the way. She tells me she is switching to a stiff catheter, I see her changing them around and I see that I am bleeding. Panic washes over me and I don’t understand why she is having difficulty. She tries again with the new catheter, but the pain is too much. The decision was made to deposit the sperm as far in as she could get it, but it wasn’t in the ideal place.

I left there not only a little uncomfortable, but also very deflated. What was the point in that? Surely this was just the same as having sex? Why have I just pumped my body with those drugs for it not to be even put in the right place?

Once again, the end of the month came and another negative result followed. I used to joke with the Girls on the forum that, if you wanted your period to come, be ready for your next cycle, then just test. Sure enough, every time I did, my period would follow.

The following month we were ready for round two. The same procedure happened as above, including not being able to get through my cervix. Yet again the sperm was deposited in the wrong place. As I was only entitled to three of these procedures on the NHS, the nurse who was looking after me said there was clearly a problem, didn’t want to waste the third try with the same thing happening again and would I be willing to have a cervix dilation?

It was explained to me that it was an outpatient procedure, an in-and-out job where I would leave with a bigger opening in my cervix from them stretching it, making procedures like this a lot easier and more pleasant for me. Hell yes was my reply! After all, I had flashed everything up until now; there was nothing else that could embarrass me. Little did I know this was going to end a nightmare.

Before I know it, my date comes through and I am sat in my gown (you know, the ones that do up at the back and when you forget, you end up flashing something not so pretty at people), waiting to be called in.

They explained what was going to happen; simple procedure and they would call my Husband when it was time to pick me up. I am quite a stubborn person and I also don’t like feeling like I am putting anyone else out. For most procedures I go to the Hospital on my own because, as far as I am concerned, it’s easier like that. I’m not having to worry about if someone is bored, or explain what happens next, so at this point I had sent my Husband home.

My Husband then got the call but it was to tell him to come in, something had gone wrong!

Parts 3 and 4 will be up on Tuesday and Thursday next week.


  1. 07 Jul


    once again well written i did wince a bit when reading about the problems with the catheter, will eagerly await the next instalment (s) x

  2. 07 Jul

    Jen Larkin

    An amazing story from an Amazing Person! I have loved reading this article, so interesting and really opened my eyes in to a whole new world. Can’t wait for the next installment. Lots of Love xx

  3. 07 Jul


    I am completely gripped by this blog, and feel so much for what Nicola and her husband have gone through so far. Everything is conveyed so honestly, and is so well explained – I really admire Nicola for telling their story – I just wish them a happy ending xx

  4. 07 Jul


    Oh god, I’m going to be in suspenders till next Tuesday now! So well written, with honesty and good humour

  5. 07 Jul


    oh no.. what went wrong…

    well done greatly written, cant wait till next week..

  6. 16 Jul

    Clare Cowie

    beautifully written, It touched such a nerve with me having gone through a lot of the situations as you, love to you x

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