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14 Apr

My maternity shoot with the Yerburys

I’m not just saying this because I am a photographer, but I think that pregnancy is an important time to document. In the overall scheme of things, it’s over so quickly (she says while thinking it will never end), and our bodies go through so many changes. I think it’s a shame when some women I talk to seem so set against getting photographed while pregnant. They don’t realise that all they need to do is find a photographer they trust to make them look fantastic.

So, with that in mind, I was absolutely thrilled when Trevor Yerbury offered to shoot my bump when I ran into him at the SWPP convention last January. In my opinion, that’s like Picasso saying he’d like to paint me. I was thrilled and jumped at the chance to have my Demi Moore moment with the Yerburys.

I am so happy that I have these amazing mementos of this special time in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Trevor and Faye, for this truly priceless gift. And also a big thank you to Lauren Gollan, who did my ultra-glam make up.

If you live in Scotland or are taking your Babymoon there, I highly recommend that you get in touch with them and make an appointment. Also, for photographers, Trevor and Faye run a series of workshops in fine art nude and boudoir photography at locations across the UK.


  1. 14 Apr

    James Spencer

    Superb images Julia, I bet you are delighted..:-)

  2. 14 Apr

    Jeanette Lendon

    WOW. Absolutely stunning Julia. Beautiful, beautiful memories. The Yerbury’s are true masters.

  3. 14 Apr

    Kim Layzell

    Just beautiful Julia. Think my favourite is the one in the white shirt x

  4. 14 Apr

    Michelle Fox-Reynolds

    These are lovely Julia. Hope pregnancy is treating you well,you look glowing xx

  5. 14 Apr

    Matt Pereira

    Yummy Water-Melon Mummy :) x

  6. 14 Apr

    Marte L Rekaa

    You look amazing!!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. 14 Apr


    Really beautiful. Stunning in fact!

  8. 14 Apr


    Wow Julia these are out of this world. Love the first one, black and white lying down. Amazing.

  9. 14 Apr

    Nadia Swindell

    I love them, my favourite is the gold dress, you look like you are going to the Oscars! Fabulous! x

  10. 14 Apr

    Steve Shipman

    Beautiful classic images – well done!

  11. 14 Apr

    Chloe from Love Making It

    Wow, these are stunning. I particularly like the yellow chiffon ones… creative, beautiful and timeless x

  12. 14 Apr

    Katy Wey

    You look blooming marvellous!!!

  13. 14 Apr


    Brilliant! Women look stunning when pregnant. More people should have shoots like this. I’ll be showing more clients images like this so they know how beautiful they can be!

  14. 14 Apr

    Donna Marshall

    You look gorgeous – love the gold chiffon shots. I just looked like the side of a house when pregnant and not elegant like this!

  15. 14 Apr


    Absolutely stunning! You look gorgeous!

  16. 14 Apr

    Ali Lovegrove

    WOW! These are like works of art!

    You look breathtaking!

  17. 14 Apr

    Ruth Jones

    Gorgeous images and Julia you look absolutely stunning hun!..love to you both R&O x

  18. 15 Apr

    Helen Sharland

    Absolutely beautiful xx

  19. 15 Apr


    These are beautiful and super glamorous… Will you have some more natural shots (similar to your style) done as well.. I think some smiles and laughter would capture your true character and happiness

  20. 15 Apr


    Flippin HECK!!!!!!!!

    I don’t know what to say!!!!!

    Er, except, you look GORGEOUS!!!!


  21. 16 Apr

    Penny Tigerlily

    Oh my! love the shoot you look amazing x

  22. 16 Apr

    Sangeeta from Olivier Laudus

    You look absolutely amazing! Was lovely to meet you on Thursday and you look just as gorgeous in real life but these photos are really something else! Should be on cover of Vanity Fair! xxx ps say hello to James lovely to meet him too.

  23. 24 Apr

    linda Pickerill

    Had a look at photos and they are so beautiful – lovely to see you and James at Melanies – Good luck.xx

  24. 07 Jul

    chloe cabutto

    wow these are just stunning :) x x x

  25. 14 Jul

    Adrian Arnell Photography

    great blog and ideas for prgnancy photography

  26. 10 Aug


    You look beautiful, great classic Yerbury photography!!

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